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Tilting at Windmills: Looking at BookScan 2006

By Brian Hibbs (Originally Published - #154 – February 2007 – “Looking at BookScan 2006”)   “There are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics” This...

DC announces NYCC line-up

Hey what were we just saying...Guests below, panels in the link, and the big news that everyone alreayd knows should break around 7:30 on...

The Beat’s Annual Year End Survey, 2007 edition part III — UPDATED

Yes, like The Lord of the Rings, this had to come out in THREE EPIC PARTS! Before we finish up, a special thank...

Pullbox offers gift cards

We never had a chance to comment on PULLBOX, the new comics downloading site started by Devil's Due's Josh Blaylock. Basically, you pay a...


� 24 Hour Comics day is celebrated in MALAYSIA. Gan described the event as �-�super successful, mix of different levels of cartoonists - professionals...

You Minx, you.

Before I get too far into this, I'll give you the loglines: #1 DC's new girl-focused MINX imprint could just possibly be the most...

Diamond announces new Kids Group

Diamond gives details on new hires and new division: In 2006, Diamond Book Distributors (DBD) played a key role...

DC Month-to-Month sales: September 2006

by Marc-Oliver Frisch September was a relatively quiet month for DC Comics. The publisher's big direct market push for September occurred at the WildStorm...

Johnny Depp to star in REX MUNDI?

An article on screenwriter Jim Uhls in the LA Times lets out a bunch of news about the potential movie adaptation of REX MUNDI...

Finally, the Rick has returned

We make no bones here at Stately Beat Manor about our admiration for the work of Rick Veitch. We said that before he was...

Reading monitor

Our requisite Google patrol often turns up many reports on comics and's not really worth linking to them all, but once in a...

They don’t like us! They really don’t like us!

It seems that these days comics -- excuse us, GRAPHIC NOVELS -- are being showered with more love than Lindsay Lohan at a nightclub...

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