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How much content should you get for $2.99?

Back in the old days of the mid 2000s, comic fans could pick up any standard comic book issue for $2.99. It was the...

SDCC ’13: Friday Program Schedule

The official website published the current Friday programs. Here's what you can expect. There's a slew of funny book panels -- film and otherwise-- but...

DC Month-to-Month Sales: September 2012

One year after the big relaunch, DC wanted to give its superhero line another jolt by borrowing a gimmick from the glory days of 1994 and releasing "zero" issues of all of the "New 52" titles. In terms of average sales, this means an increase of more than 1,000 units compared to August. Of course, these are sales to retailers, and increases based on this type of gimmick never stick around for subsequent issues, but the fact that retailers have enough faith in DC to support the initiative to this degree is good news, certainly.

On the Scene: MorrisonCon—how life changing was it?

That’s a lot to promise. When mold-breaking comics retailers James Sime and Kirsten Baldock united with iFanboy podcast host Ron Richards to put together a show—“all magick, no science” as Sime repeated over the weekend—their goal was to dismantle the current model of comic book conventions and build something new in its place.

Does the man have a point?

So Darwyn Cooke got caught on video saying that superhero comics should "...stop catering to the perverted needs of forty-five-year-old men." He called out rape, children being forced to eat rats, explicit sex, foul language, and a lack of new characters. And now some people are getting upset. Oh come on, like you've never thought any of that. Unfortunately the whole thing got derailed by his swipe at turning Batwoman into a lesbian, which came off as rather homophobic to some. Personally, I have to admit, I read it more as the character continuity issue of a man who likes his Bronze and Silver Age comics, which is somewhat humorous, given that he's complaining about comics being ruled by the whims of forty-somethings, but he is large, he contains multitudes. (To which I say, Darwyn, it wasn't "overnight". She may have been around since 1956, but she hadn't made any significant appearances since Crisis on Infinite Earths which basically changed everything. SEE? I can be as big of a geek as you are.) So let's break this down from the point of view of someone who is not forty five or male -- me.

Siege-for-Lanterns: So just why is Marvel all up in DC’s grill, anyway?

[youtube] From the moment Marvel sent out its DC-tweaking press release late on Wednesday afternoon, Siege-for-Lanterns is Topic A at BarCon and in private...

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