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Sales Charts: The top 1000 Graphic Novels of 2013

Sales Charts: The top 1000 Graphic Novels of 2013http://ift.tt/1kykTzb Tweet Diamond has released the entire 1000-long list of GNs in 2013, and there is a...

Sales Charts: The Top 1000 Graphic Novels of 2013

Diamond has released the entire 1000-long list of GNs in 2013, and there is a lot of data mining here...like the fact that Image...

EXCLUSIVE: Complete 2013 New York Comic Con Programming: Friday October 11

Continuing our rundown of New York Comic-Con's programming in an easily digestible text format, here's the schedule for Friday, with everything from Ranma 1/2...

SDCC ’13: Friday Program Schedule

The official website published the current Friday programs. Here's what you can expect. There's a slew of funny book panels -- film and otherwise-- but...

SDCC ’13: Thursday Program Schedule

The official Comic-Con website posted the Thursday programing schedule. It's that time to start mapping out which panel you want to stand in line...

Book-Con! Lots of Great New Graphic Novels at Book Expo America!

Book Expo America happens every year, and I take time off from work to wander Javits to see what's new and interesting (this year's...

Exclusive: All the C2E2 programming

C2E2 -- the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo—kicks off on Friday although we'll be there from tomorrow on to cover the preceding Diamond Retailer summit. As they've done in the past. ReedPOP has provided us with a text only list of panels which is easier to scan than the database driven on eon the site. Sadly, it still doesn't include panel participants, but maybe next time. On the plus side -- very plus -- this is easily the best programming for C2E2 yet, a nice diverse blend of comics, SF, gaming and social based events with a strong local component. Some people last year questioned whether C2E2 would even make it to a fourth year, but it looks like its found its footing at last.

EXCLUSIVE: New York Comic Con programming schedule for all four days

The programming schedule for this year's New York Comic Con has just been released...but in a hard to read format. As we have in past years, organizers have supplied a complete text document of all the programming. You'll note that there is a ton of great programming, but some of it is late at night -- 9 pm Friday for "The Truth about the Hobbit"? Some of us like our nerd stuff AND have a social life! Enjoy:

EXCLUSIVE: All the C2E2 Programming in one document

Speaking of C2E2, the website uses a particular kind of format so you can search for programming...but can't see it all in one place, which makes it hard to see who's who on what panel until you get there and get the program. The organizers have graciously given us the whole document, so you can see if one of your favorite creators or entertainers is appearing on a panel and at what time:

What the Gary Friedrich/Disney/Marvel case means for comics creators

You can be sympathetic to Gary Friedrich's current situation—older, broke and in bad health—while still being alarmed over all the issues his court case has raised. My own email and IMs are full of variant views on it. So let's trace the evolution of this a bit.

SDCC 11: Sunday Programming

Sunday programming for this year's San Diego Comic-Con has been released. Hollywood has left, except for a few stragglers, and Old Town comes out in full force:

What's up with…the ladies in comics movies

Despite the embarrassing cinema outings for female superheaters such as Catwoman, Elektra and Aeon Flux, hope springs eternal that someone someday will make a...

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