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SDCC ’16: All the Sunday Panels from Lumberjanes to Tabletop Games

0's all winding down. I always get sad when I format Sunday because when the bell rings, one adventure will end, and we'll have a whole 'nother year of planning and stressing. Some good panels here though and with Hollywood gone away, mostly comics and kids comics.

SDCC ’16: All the Friday panels from Marvel Now to My Little Pony to...

Here you go! Keep eating that trail mix! We 'll have a highlights version of this later but for now just feel the wonder.   JULY...

Warner Bros. Television announces SDCC schedule

The first big SDCC set of panels have been announced

Coming Attractions: DC Announces Lots of Cool Collections for the Holidays!

It's that time of year again...  DC announces their Fall trade titles! So... there's a lot of everything here...  Bombshells, Batman, Fight Club Suicide Squad,...

Wondercon’16: DC All-Access… Not Quite All

Chalk it up to weird timing or bad planning. Even before DC Comics makes all their big REBIRTH announcements at Wondercon on Saturday, the...

NYCC ’15: EXCLUSIVE! All the panel listings in one place

    As in year's past we are lucky to present to you a complete TEXT listing of the panels for this year's New York Comic...

Alan Moore Interview Part I – Steve Moore, River of Ghosts, The Show, and...

It’s the 26th of February, and the time is 7.00pm, the usual time for all my telephone interviews with Alan Moore, since the first...

NYCC 2014: All the Saturday Panels – from Jack Kirby to Bee and Puppycat

Here we go! Too had tat Hobbit panel is at 9 pm otherwise I might find out what happens in the third movie! Please...

EXCLUSIVE!! All the Super Week Events in one post!

This is the ONLY ALL TEXT listing for ALL the events of Super Week, Oct. 4-11, with all the links for tickets the venues dates times and EVERYHTING. Thanks to the awesome folks at ReedPOP for making this available to us. Only a handful of events are strictly comics, but if its comedy theater, music and Star Trek you want, oh boy this is going to be amazing. From the Intrepid to the Natural History Museum to the Hammerstein, events of all kinds and nerdly interests are taking over NYC. Get your tickets now and rest're going to need it!

Exclusive: The complete 2014 C2E2 panel schedule in one place!

With ECCC only a dwindling memory and a box of kleenex from the con crud everyone caught, C2E2 is bearing down on us on April 25-27. Chicago's biggest comics event will have the usual line-up of guests from all areas of the industry. However, the website panel listings don't allow you to see the whole thing at one, but courtesy of ReedPOP's Marykate Nagourney, here is the whole list of programming in an easy to find way. Highlights include a storytelling panel with Amanda Conner and Cully Hamner, Mark Waid on his digital and retailing exploits, Christina Blanch and Carol Tilley on various comics and academics topics, and the usual MArvel, DC, Dark Horse, Boom and so on panels

Previnterview: Gischler talks to Pak about Turok Dinosaur Hunter #1

Previnterview: Gischler talks to Pak about Turok Dinosaur Hunter #1 Tweet Gischler: So, Greg, Turok is … wait what is he doing? Hunting dinosaurs?  Is...

Previnterview: Gischler talks to Pak about Turok Dinosaur Hunter #1

Gischler: So, Greg, Turok is ... wait what is he doing? Hunting dinosaurs?  Is this a game sport or are the dinosaurs fugitives from...

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