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31 Days of Halloween: Brian Miller’s “The Ghostly Rider of Sleepy Hollow”

Brian Miller is best known for his brilliant hues as part of the HiFi coloring studio, but he's also an illustrator, and the seasonally appropriate illo above will be on display at an art show at Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle, WA. Their "A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words" show opens November 8th and is located at 307 E. Pike St. in Seattle, WA 98122. 

Marvel announces the print return of HAWKEYE: FREE FALL, GHOST-SPIDER, and more ‘digital-only’ series

A dozen titles that were made digital-only by Marvel will see print releases for single issues in the coming months.

Awards Watch: Announcing the Ringos, Ghosts win the McDuffie Youth Award, Magicdust wins at...

It's hard to keep up with all the comics awards news, but the BIG news ia that Baltimore Comicon will host the inaugural edition...

Greg Weisman’s Rain of the Ghosts Kickstarter has a stretch goal: a comic book

Neither audio plays nor YA projects have a great track record on Kickstarter, so the success of RAIN OF THE GHOSTS is a real...

Secret Wars: To Me My Ghost Racers!

Marvel’s Ghost Rider is a character inexplicably tied to the 1970’s. The best treatments of the character have embraced this silly premise of a...

31 Days of Halloween: Bobby Timony’s Casper Rider



Predominantly known for his tripptastic, psychedelic art and creating the whacked-out world of BOYS CLUB, Matt Furie takes some time to unload on his newest release, a curious children's book called THE NIGHT RIDERS.

Studio Coffee Run: THOR, RED, Priest, Cage Rides the Ghost again

A new THOR still, new RED posters, new PRIEST stills, and the sequel that you fear the most.

Dungeons, ghosts and castles

I was hoping to write up a lengthy report of my trip to England, but this will have to suffice. I flew out on...
Marvel Incoming

Marvel unveils info on INCOMING!, plus new books for DOCTOR STRANGE, SPIDER-HAM, and more

Those books plus a new Cosmic Ghost Rider miniseries, a culmination of Marvel Cosmic storylines, and more are all due out in December.

Marvel reveals details & covers for MARVEL ZOMBIES: RESPAWN #1, POWERS OF X #6,...

Get a sneak peek at these October titles, including Immortal Hulk, The Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle, and Ghost Rider.

Luther Strode wraps up with The Legacy of LUther Strode in April

The Luther Strode trilogy by Justin Jordan (SPREAD, LUTHER STRODE) and Tradd Moore (LUTHER STRODE, All New Ghost Rider) warps up with a double sized issue of the LEGACY OF LUTHER STRODE on April 1. The story debuted in The Strange Talent of Luther Strode (the book which put basically put Jordan on the map) and continued in The Legend of Luther Strode.

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