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Ghost Rider does not need Spider-Man’s help to go to the bathroom in new...

This clip is way better than anything in the first Ghost Rider movie, including the last shot of Ghost Rider weeing flame. No one tell Anderson Cooper.

And speaking of horror…GHOST RIDER II

Yes, there is a GHOST RIDER sequel being made right now, but it won't come out until 2012. And then the world will end. Nicolas Cage rides the flaming chopper again, Splash Page reports. The CRANK team of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor directs, and it's filming in Romania. You'll recall that although there wasn't that much enthusiasm for the first one, the rights would revert to Marvel/Disney if Sony didn't do something with the property, and Sony wouldn't want that. Because there is life in that flaming chopper.

Marvel movie news: Ant-Man, and other things, get smaller; GHOST RIDER's empty saddle

• Yow, lots of Marvel movie news percolatin' out there. Claude Brodesser-Akner reports that Columbia is the first studio to run up against the...

Studio coffee run: Ghost Rider rides again; Barbie on board; Platinum

§ Are they really gearing up for a second GHOST RIDER film? Looks like it. Star Nicolas Cage and writer David S. Goyer are...

Ghost Rider creator sues for ownership

In 2001, writer Gary Friedrich said Well, there's some disagreement between Roy, Mike and I over that . I threatened on more than one occasion...

GHOST RIDER rides to #1!

Flame on! Blazing past a review-free opening, GHOST RIDER raced to the #1 spot at the box office: Sony's Marvel comic adaptation "Ghost Rider" revved...

Studio briefing: Miller, 301, Ghost Rider 2

The 300 and Ghost Rider press junkets last week delivered DAYS AND DAYS worth of gossip and speculation. § First up, is the news...

Ghost Rider’s daring escape from the critics!

The NY Post reports that movie critics are non-plussed at not getting a chance to screen GHOST RIDER: Sony is dodging opening-day print reviews for...

Two things to look for in GHOST RIDER

Maxim has an article on sultry Eva Medes up, and apparently, she bulked up for her role as Roxanne in February's GHOST RIDER...

Ghost Rider likes the Carpenters

We've always been a little iffy on Nic Cage, but the news that he has turned Ghost Rider into a Carpenters fan has somehow...

GHOST RIDER poster and trailer

Oft delayed, GHOST RIDER is blazing into theaters next February 16th, just in time for Valentine's day, and a poster and trailer have been...

Ghost Rider invents fire

At SDCC movie panels, directors owned up to falling behind schedule because of having . to invent SFX along the way: Directors also apologized for...

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