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Kibbles ‘n’ Bits: Locals call for Angouleme director to step down

NICE ART: Jillian Tamaki (Super Mutant Magic Academy, This One Summer) has completed a poster for the MTA, New York's Subway system. That's...

French publishers announce boycott of Angoulême after disastrous 2016 festival

The Angoulême Comics Festival is supposed to be the crowning event of the comics world, a festival that celebrates the art of the medium...

US publisher goes on shopping spree at Angoulême

I promised I would have only ONE MORE post on Angoulême and here it is! Calvin Reid went to this year fest and has...

Angoulême controversy just won’t stop, as the jury issues an apology and Franck Bondoux...

The controversy over the "faux Fauves" at Saturday's awards ceremony at the Angoulême comics festival just won't die down, and festival director Frank Bondous...

Angoulême Festival manages to get even worse by humiliating cartoonists with “Faux Fauves”

Angoulême has really jumped the shark this year. Not content with showing a medieval level knowledge of art and comics history by claiming that...

Meanwhile in Angoulême: diary comics, signings and exhibits

Lest we forget, all the hubbub about the Grand Prix aside, the Angoulême comics festival is now underway and a glorious festival it is....

Hermann wins the Grand Prix at Angouleme

     After all that hullabaloo, Belgian artist Herman Huppen, aka Hermann  has won the award no one wanted, the 2016 Grand Prix. Hermann beat out...

So now Claire Wendling doesn’t want the Angoulëme Grand Prix either

So after a few solid weeks of controversy and outcry, the finalists for this year's FIBD Grand Prix were announced: Alan Moore, Hermann...

After briefly adding six women, Angoulême fest throws open Grand Prix voting

I'd been waiting to write this up as things have been changing so fast but after a very brief period this morning where the...

Call for boycott of Angoulême’s Grand Prix nominees after list includes only men

The long list for the 2016 Grand Prix at Angoulême was announced today—this is a kind of lifetime achivemenet award, and arguably the greatest honor...

Katsuhiro Otomo’s poster for 2016 Angoulême festival revealed

When Japanese cartoonist/animator Katsuhiro Otomo won the Grand Prix at this year's Angoulême comics fest, he became the first manga artist to win the...

Angoulême’s attendance is probably smaller than thought

Well, this is a bit of a wounder. I alluded in an earlier post on the Angoulême comics festival that the attendance was being disputed, and in a must read wrap-up of the 2015 festival Matthias Wivel covers everything and has a much more knowledgable breakdown of the dispute. In the past it has been a tenet of faith that 200,000 people attend the festival, which fills an entire medieval style town on a hill. This number has been cited as a reminder of how the French love their comics, how robust the European comics scene is, and in general how Angoulême is heaven on earth for comics lovers. While all of that remains true, it now seems that festival organizers may have been inflating the attendance a tad and it's more like...15,000-20,000.

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