Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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GRAPHIC NOVEL CLUB: Stephen R. Bissette on how his name snuck its way into...

Plus, Bissette’s horror inspirations and a community of collaboration.

GRAPHIC NOVEL CLUB: UNRIG: how to make politics an approachable graphic novel

Newman and O’Connor discuss their latest nonfiction comic with Brian Hibbs.

GRAPHIC NOVEL CLUB: Robert Kirkman on THE WALKING DEAD and the power of serialized...

Plus, the surprise of getting a seventh issue.

GRAPHIC NOVEL CLUB: THE NIXIE OF THE MILL POND creators on the future of...

Editors Kel McDonald and Kate Ashwin discuss how these anthologies are put together.

GRAPHIC NOVEL CLUB: Adrian Tomine on discovering his own style and THE LONELINESS OF...

Then, the transition from OPTIC EYE to graphic novels.

GRAPHIC NOVEL CLUB: Brian Michael Bendis on the success of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN

Plus, how Bendis made Hibbs eat a bug.

GRAPHIC NOVEL CLUB: Thomas Krajewski discusses the mercurial look of PRIMER

Plus, what it’s like to go from animation to comics.

GRAPHIC NOVEL CLUB: GRATEFUL DEAD – ORIGINS creators on the potential of a sequel

Plus, hear about why Z2’s line of music comics is so important.

GRAPHIC NOVEL CLUB: Gene Luen Yang and Gurihiru discuss the modern relevance of SUPERMAN...

Plus, get Gurihiru’s take on the difference between Eastern and Western comics.

GRAPHIC NOVEL CLUB: Garth Ennis on the origins of PREACHER

Plus, why an Irish man can write and American story.

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