Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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§ Via the comments: The last word in indie vs superhero. § Entertainment Weekly has a list of graphic novels that tie in...

New WANTED poster


Thought for the day:

"It's so stupid to guess about the future. Biggie Smalls died before he could hear the word 'blog.'" --Rich Stevens


Don't laugh: it was magical. NYCC was magical. A lot of it had to do with the weather, which was completely utterly magical. ...

A tale of two rivers

We spent Saturday sitting on a sunny river bank watching loons dive and skim over the surface of the Delaware River. Meanwhile tens of...

Newsy bits

§ Venture Brothers Season Three Preview soon to be removed by the PTB, for sure. § New SPIRIT trailer! § Marvel announced Monkey thing. §...

New HELLBOY II poster

Just for NYCC.

ICv2 Conference and CBLDF reception

It was a busy day at the traditional ICv2 conference held before the NYCC. Milton Griepp kicked things off with his annual white paper....

Watchmen Toys? I’ve heard this before

Apparently, toys from the upcoming Watchmen movie will make their public debut at NYCC this weekend. But, Entertainment Weekly has some shots of the toys...

“Possibly the most ridiculous panel description ever”

Laura Hudson spots a real howler from the NYCC panel descriptions: Friday7:00 PM-8:00 PM1E15Girls Who Kick AssHow do the ladies creating comics do it? They're...

Friends of Lulu Awards move to MoCCA

With the San Diego con news cycle increasingly taken over by mega movie marketing events it was perhaps inevitable that a few events would...

Help wanted

§ Milton Griepp seeks panelists for two NYCC panels: Call for NYCC Panelists!! For two panels on Friday--on manga retailing and Seuling New York shows. We’re rounding...

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