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Other movie news: Diane Lane is Ma Kent! Elizabeth Hurley! Hellfire Club! Blade Runner!


Diane Lane has been cast as Martha Kent, Superman’s adoptive mom, in the Superman reboot being readied by Zack Snyder. Henry Cavill plays the Man of Steel.

Because she looks so matronly, shown here with husby Josh Brolin at the TRUE GRIT premiere.

Elizabeth Hurley has been cast as a villain in the Wonder Woman pilot according to a tweet. Smart money has it that she’ll play Veronica Cale, an evil scientist/businesswoman created in the comic by Greg Rucka.

• A new X-MEN: FIRST CLASS still from Empire magazine reveals that at the Hellfire Club they are also quite taken with the effects of Photoshop filters.

• Some folks in Hollywood have purchased some rights to both the beloved film BLADE RUNNER and its literary antecedent, Phillip K. Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” with hopes of destroying the world as we know it making a prequelish/sequelish kinda somethin somethin. You know, maybe just noodle around.

They must be stopped.

At all costs.

  1. Well, you could make another movie based on the material that didn’t make BLADE RUNNER … or the material that they revised/rewrote: Rick Deckard, HUMAN police officer, moves onward … since he’s not a replicant.

  2. “”The ‘Blade Runner’ lore is kind of irresistible,” Alcon co-founder Andrew Kosove told 24 Frames from Atlanta … “the extraordinary pace of technological advancement since the movie came out means that there are a lot of opportunities to do something fresh.”

    I suppose he’s referring to special effects … in this respect, BLADE RUNNER should be left alone. The movie was produced well before CGI became the norm, and it actually looks better as a result.

  3. When I saw the headline mentioning Diane Lane, the actress I thought of was Dianne Wiest. Dianne Wiest would be a swell Ma Kent. Diane Lane will make a very MILF-y Ma Kent.

  4. Look up BladeRunner in Wikipedia and you will see Ridley Scott wanted to do a sequel called Metropolis, but abandoned the project because the rights were a mess. Also a friend of Philip K. Dick, K. W. Jeter wrote 3 novels that were authorized sequels to Bladerunner.

    I would rather the studio leave Bladerunner alone, but it’s not surprising that they were looking for a sequel now after all these years (and after the rights seemed to be a bit more settled). Also if anyone is to make a sequel, I would rather see Ridley Scott take another go at it.

  5. I would NOT like to see Ridley Scott return to Blade Runner. He;s got other stuff to do now, like, y’know, Matchstick Man.

    That said, it is inevitable that someone will pre/sequalize this. They are already remaking TOTAL RECALL. Every generation gets the Blade Runner it deserves.

  6. I am maybe slightly too young for the original Blade Runner to be in “my generation” (although I’m also too old for whatever terrible terrible things they do to the remake/sequel/prequel/whatever-3D-extravaganza) but I’d much rather take that one.

  7. I tried to read the K. W. Jeter Blade Runner novels. Pretty disappointing. His earlier book Vulcan’s Hammer was much better (and had better cover art).

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