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§ Comic Related has a ton of pictures and podcast material but we’re too lazy to get all the links together….the site isn’t very well organized but there are some great pics up. Definition of great pic: surprisingly flettering shot of The Beatafter the podcast panel.

§ Van Jensen contributes an excellent wide ranging report.

§ Newsarama has lots of Heroes reportage, including an account of the Collaboration & Storytelling Panel:

Moderater Tom Spurgeon opened by noting that the panel was intended to include Ed Brubaker, who cancelled his Heroes Con appearance. Spurgeon referred to Brubaker and Cooke’s reportedly tense collaboration on the Catwoman relaunch.

Cooke described the run as two creators looking to prove themselves yet having contrasting ideas on the characters. Cooke wanted to show off the character’s physicality and superheroic traits; Brubaker, as Cooke described it, wanted a panel-heavy noir style.

“We did have a few emotionally-charged telephone calls. Oddly enough, I think it’s the best collaboration I’ve ever been involved in,” Cooke said. “Ed and I both had distinct visions on what we wanted to do in the book. Ed was so focused on what he considered important (and vice versa), we had to find ways to compromise . Whether you’re getting along or not, generally I’m not working with anyone I don’t respect. You have to say: there’s value to this.”

  1. That damned Jimmy – after watching me on the UK podcast panel at Bristol in May, he’s stolen my look!!!

    Why I oughta…..

  2. OI! tony lee! ive been rockin that look for awhile at cons…who’s to say you havent been stalking me and copying my look? ;) ha!

    great pic of you, heidi. but why do the rest of us look like the chess club from highschool? :)

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