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A trio of new webcomics collections are coming this summer from Oni Press

The collections are the latest in Oni Press's library of physical editions of popular webcomics.


Oni Press has announced three new print collections of popular webcomics, to be published this summer. Work by cartoonists Kyle LatinoBranson Reese, and Rachel Dukes will all be presented in physical format for the first time.

In May, Latino’s young adult fantasy/comedy strip The Savage Beard of She Dwarf will be collected. The comic follows the titular She Dwarf on a series of adventures as she searches for Dammerung, the lost city of dwarves. The full seven-chapter story will be included in the softcover collection.

June will see the release of Reese’s Hell Was Full, a collection that will include not just comics previously presented online, but also, per the announcement, “an illogical amount of brand-new material.” Alt text from the strips’ original online presentation will also be included in the collection. Reese’s short strips are dark and hilarious, like The Perry Bible Fellowship but somehow even more gloriously bizarre.

Finally, in August, Frankie Comics by Dukes will be collected in a hardcover edition. The semi-autobiographical webcomic tells the story of Dukes, her partner, and the Siamese cat named Frankie who runs their house.

Webcomics are an immensely popular artform, with millions of people reading them each month. If just a fraction of these webcomics readers decide to pick up the physical editions of their favorite strips, Oni Press will likely have some very successful books on their hands.

Look for The Savage Beard of She DwarfHell Was Full, and Frankie Comics in stores later this year.

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