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Oh hai! Marvel is rebooting too with the return of Marvel Now!


Here we go again! Marvel has a new direction and it’s charging right at you this faall with an ambitious new slate called MARVEL NOW!

Which they did already four years ago. And it was followed by All-New Marvel Now. And then All New All Different Marvel (ANAD). So, Marvel please check in with Stan and find some new words! Bravura. Gorilla. Defy. There are plenty!

So when you google for a headline this is going to be hard. On the other hand “Now” is eternal and Marvel is always changing, so maybe it’s a meta suggestion for the eternal flux and evolution of life in the universe.

Here’s the pr…start the countdown! And bckle your seatbelts becuase we have months more of status quo shaking ploy devices! Your head will spin and it’s summer so it will be hot so just a reminder: Hail hydration!

Blockbuster new titles. Shocking new status quos. Top-tier creators. This is Marvel NOW!.
It all starts this Fall as the Marvel Universe charges forward into an ambitious new direction. As the industry’s top creators and hottest up-and-coming voices leave their mark on the world’s top Super Heroes, get ready for the most exciting and energetic comics on the stands! Prepare for all-new ongoing series, Earth-shattering status quo shifts, and an exciting new era of Marvel comics!
Kicking off this bold publishing initiative is the free MARVEL NOW! PREVIEWS MAGAZINE, coming to comic shops on July 13th! This free, standalone magazine is your first look at the cataclysmic fallout of Civil War II and the landscape of the Marvel Universe to come. Packed cover-to-cover with huge reveals, new titles, and fresh creative directions, the MARVEL NOW! PREVIEWS MAGAZINE is your very first look at the hottest upcoming titles of 2016!
“Marvel NOW! is about the future of the Marvel Universe,” says Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. “We’re excited to provide fans with a snapshot of things to come right before San Diego Comic-Con. Fans can look forward to hearing about brand new titles, returning favorites and even some shocking status quo shifts that are sure to keep fans guessing all the way through Civil War II. There has never been a better time to be a Marvel reader.”
Building upon our rich history with an eye towards tomorrow, Marvel NOW! marks the next evolution of Marvel Comics – and a thrilling leap forward. Be there as it all kicks off on July 13th! Run, don’t walk to your local comic shop to get your hands on the free MARVEL NOW! PREVIEWS MAGAZINE! The future is Marvel and it’s happening NOW!


  1. Like, actual top-tier creators? Cause there are very few of those, and most are busy doing creator-owned work. I want to believe that Marvel has top-tier creators ready to go, but it seems unlikely. Feels like when they call Tom Raney an “all-star artist” or Cullen Bunn a “fan-favorite writer”

  2. I want to see a Marvel Then! event where characters from the Timely and Atlas eras threaten to take back the company from everyone who came post-1961. “We were here first!”

  3. It’s always slightly depressing to hear Marvel shilling their “rich history” as a selling point when their concept of a shared universe is so thin these days that even writers working on the same characters don’t coordinate, dead characters come back with no explanation (and this was happening before SW), and no one seems to know when books take place in relation to each other.

    Ah, well.

  4. I got back into comics at the end of marvel now. I didnt get the hate for their seasonal mentality. now after experiencing two more changes events after events i am thankful for finding Valiant. out of 12 titles im currently reading i can see myself keeping four of them after a reshuffle, again.

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