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NYCC’16: The Block!


New York Comic Con supports the popular arts, and that is especially seen in The Block.

The Block brings together art, design, collectible toys and fashion of the underground pop culture scene, along with the tastemakers, trend setters, artists, thinkers and the brands that they create.

There’s lots of cool stuff to see, like an art fair for cool kids.

I’ll try and notate everything I saw… but apologies to the many creators! You can view them all here!

Clutter Magazine
Toy Tokyo.
We Love Fine. That’s Red in the yellow dress with the ultimate accessory. Also various Demiheroes. Via Big Shot Toy Works.
“Anatomical Wabbit” by Jason Freeny. (He has a series of these anatomical figures.) Via KidRobot and Big Shot Toyworks, at the Tenacious Toys booth.
Monkey statues are cool. Monkeys with guns statues are cooler.  Monkey with a Gun sculpture by Mike Mignola…Can you wait a minute while I sell my spare kidney on the black market?  (Bronze and bone editions shown.)
Frombie and Pin Club. I was able to talk with founder Adam Z Litvack! Nice guy, and his company also produces many of the Disney pins!
True story: When Kenner wanted to test the gold paint job on the new C-3PO action figure case, they ran 100 of the Darth Vader cases through the machine. This, with the black eyes, is much cooler.
…and this is the CEO of Mighty Wallet.

Instinct Toy  This is “Vincent”.

No… really… I shot this because of the crazy modeling! Good Smile Company.
NECA, Shredder, with comics packaging.  NYCC Exclusive.
Cryptozoic Bombshells

Buy it here!

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