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NYCC’15: Sunday Photos!


Sideshow Collectibles

It’s so nice to see a smiling superheroine!

Some fan service, for the ladies.

Tony Stark
Iron men (with a photo bomb in the background).

Insight Editions

The Ultimate Warrior at the Insight Editions booth. This statue is life size.

Funko (again)

I don’t know how they did it, but Funko had the best lighting of any booth at the show!
Dear fandom, Please carve a replica out of wood.  Thank you.

Jelly Belly

So… if you mix all of those Jelly Bellys together, what does Batman taste like?
Jelly Belly had an artist creating this work during the show. There’s an underpainting, and then the jellybeans are glued onto the surface.

Artist Alley

Jim Shooter holding court up front. He had a scrapbook of all sorts of correspondence! Could someone please start an oral history project for comics, and start with him?
Lance Fensterman and staff at the annual Q&A panel.
Aw crap… A last minute cosplay photo, and it’s out of focus.
The Required By Law New York City Choking Poster, at Reunion Bar.  This, and other variants, can be viewed here!
Having a wonderful time, wish you were here.

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