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NYCC’15: Preview Afternoon Wednesday!


In the past, ICv2 would normally host their industry conference on the Wednesday before New York Comic Con. I would arrive early, post photos of the preparation, and then listen to the experts talk about how to sell more comics.

This year, it’s been replaced with a cocktail hour and white paper on Thursday. So instead, I took a long lunch break and wandered Javits, using my cellphone to snap some pictures. Enjoy!

The view towards Hall 3-C
DC’s usual space, on the south side. Graphitti has a new “archive” edition for sale, and near the 1E sign is an interesting surprise….
A “close up” (same resolution, bigger pixels). The two figures? Looks like the movie costumes for Superman and Wonder Woman.
A view from the side.
A LexCorp display! They are sponsoring the WiFi in Javits this weekend. Would you be disappointed if your phone WASN’T hacked?
View to the northeast, just to the left of the DC Superhero Girls booth. Taken so you get some banners…
View to the southeast. Taken as a “before” picture. (Before they start building skyscrapers across the street!) 10 Hudson Yards is seen in the background.
The escalators down to the Empire Stage in Hall 1-E. Off to the right is the DC exhibit.

Bandai’s networked Star Wars arcade games. Demo mode showed what looked like a Death Star battle. View to the southeast.
Gee, I wonder what’s under the tarp? And will anyone cosplay as Libyan terrorists?
Unknown if that arcade game works…
A Jurassic World display, right outside the entrance to 3-C. The beast moved too fluidly for this to be animatronic. I think they “Sweetum’d” the suit. (A puppeteer inside, with a remote controller handling the mouth and arms.) The eyes do not move, or blink. Expect some Starlord cosplay photos…
The view from … what is that balcony called? Anyway, the view towards 3-C, to the north.
A similar view to the south, and 3-E.
That’s about two blocks? How soon before the resellers get organized and set up a pop-up shop near Times Square?
Fellowship of the … Klan? Not really certain why Weta had the heads covered.
Lots of light, for now. In ten years, the other side of Eleventh Avenue will be occupied by skyscrapers, including a planned hotel.
Egads! Ten years… I wonder how many of those 30,000 attendees in 2006 have been to all ten shows? I have, plus the second NY Anime Fest. Remember that 18-month gap when they transitioned to October?
This is a Lego sculpture of some sort. Located next to the grand staircase near the Chase ATM.
This year’s NYCC-mobile. How soon before Uber and Lyft drivers start wrapping their vehicles?
I’m not certain about the pink ribbon and Komen’s branding… I hope to see some Barbie cosplay nearby.
I’m tempted to go up to them every five minutes, and ask them a question about Star Wars or My Little Pony…
What’s this…?
Progressive insurance is sponsoring locker storage. Access via hashtag? Also, phone charging lockers as well! Somebody… please dress up as Flo, and then take a photo with the Geico gecko upstairs!

This is as far as the nice security guard allowed me.
The view down to 1-A, where the panel rooms are located.
The view south, near 2-A.
The bare bears. No idea what it is, except it’s a cartoon…
Full frontal … bearness?
A view of the “stockyards”, Hall 1-C.
Hall 1-C, from the second floor. Dunno when they start tapping people inside.
Looking north. Right behind this is Bandai’s Star Wars network.
Looking west, towards the show floor.
The big picture.
I’m not certain about the other staircase, but the south side that leads to 1-E was branded by DC Super Hero Girls!
Looking north, this will be the DC Superhero Girls booth! On the way out, they had a display case full of new merchandise, including a cool backpack, and a skateboard. (No picture, my phone was dead.)
Hall 1-E, the Empire Stage.
The Empire Stage, Hall 1-E, before the ravenous hordes arrive.
The crystal palace panorama!
Another panorama, from the southeast corner of the crystal palace.


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