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NYCC: Vanguard — #1857


Steranko, Carmine Infantino, Frank Brunner, Rich Buckler, KErry Gammill and Basil Gogos will be appearing at the Vanguard booth, along with J. David Spurlock. If you’ve never met one of these pioneers, you really should.

Vanguard Productions is the world’s leading producer of quality art book biographies on illustrators and cartoonists. This year’s New York Comic-Con has worked closely with Vanguard to present a history making line up of talent as Featured Guests.
See these stars and more at Vanguard booth 1857.

Steranko: Illustrator, musician, escape artist, filmmaker, and publisher…as artist-writer on Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D., CAPTAIN AMERICA, and X-MEN revolutionized the comics form; painted 30 SHADOW paperbacks; his work has been exhibited in more than 200 exhibitions worldwide, including the Louvre in Paris and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington; he has collaborated with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Francis Ford Coppola on some of their most popular movies; cited by Michael Chabon as an inspiration for his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay and, by WIZARD as one of the Top Five Most Influential Comic-book Artists of All Time.

Carmine Infantino: Legendary Flash, Batgirl, Poison Ivy and Deadman creator, with 3 US Postage Stamps to his credit, will always be remembered as the personification of DC Comics¹ Silver Age. As Publisher and President of DC, he launched the socially-relevant Adams-O¹Neil GREEN LANTERN-GREEN ARROW series, Jack Kirby¹s FOURTH WORLD saga, the revival of SHAZAM, pay raises, royalties, DC-Marvel crossover books including SUPERMAN vs. SPIDER-MAN (for which he designed the cover) and the return of original art. Infantino’s film and TV credits include SUPERMAN film I & II, SUPER-FRIENDS, ISIS & SHAZAM. COMICS BUYERS GUIDE’s Millennium poll ranked Infantino and Jack Kirby the two greatest comic-book artists of all time.

Basil Gogos: The World’s most famous monster artist and legendary cover
artist of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, movie posters and CD covers.

Kerry Gammill: Power Man & Iron Fists, Indiana Jones,
X-Men, Spider-Man, Superman and Hollywood designer.

J. David Spurlock : This acclaimed author, artist, editor, creator of the Space Cowboy, and champion for creator rights, served as President of the Dallas Society of Illustrators and founded the Wally Wood Scholarship Fund. Current projects include books with Joe Kubert, and Frank Frazetta.

FRANK BRUNNER: Classic Dr. Strange, Red Sonja, Howard The Duck, Conan, Man-Thing, and Elric artist, Frank Brunner will be sketching and signing his acclaimed new art-book, MYTHOS: Fantasy Art Realms of Frank Brunner, at the Vanguard booth (1857).

Rich Buckler: Has had a significant career in comics for decades with major runs on
many DC and Marvel titles and his cyborg creation, Deathlok. His inclusion in both the DC
and Marvel the US Postage Stamp sets is a worthy accolade for his long career.

Other legendary Vanguard related guests include Neal Adams and Joe Kubert,
Arthur Suydam and Michael Golden.

  1. Neal Adams, Carmine Infantino. Would love to meet each of them and say hi.

    But sadly I cant afford the trip. From where I live, it would cost the equivalent of buying a top of the line 52″ Plasma HDTV. (not that I’m doing that either, ha ha)

    Have fun. feel fortunate, and when you get overwhelmed, please think of us who would love to be there, exhausted or not :)

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