just announced a pretty impressive line-up of SF-themed webcomics, and they’ll be showing it all off at a panel on will be holding a panel, moderated by Pablo Defendini, and attended by Irene Gallo, Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Dan Goldman.

Jumping in Headfirst: and the role of traditional publishers in today’s new media economy
Saturday, Feb 7
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Room 1A18

Decription: As the future rapidly becomes the present, traditional dead-tree publishers have two choices: either get with the program or get out of the way. But the digital space rewrites the rules of the game for any industry based on IP (intellectual property).

Speculative Fiction publishers, already having an eye on the future by default, are in a unique position to lead the charge away from traditional publishing models and into uncharted territory. Come listen to staff and friends of as they explain the method to their madness in putting together the science-fiction and fantasy site that gives away free (as in beer) stories, comics, and novels; followed by a Q&A session divided into two parts: first part with questions culled from members in advance, second part with questions from the audience.

Topics to Discuss: Free content online, eBooks, digital delivery of comics, digital rights management. Building an online community as a platform on which to promote authors’ work.