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NYCC Six In Six: Jim McCann


by Matt O’Keefe

Welcome to Six In Six, where I ask comic folk six questions and get my answers in six minutes or less. Here at NYCC 2012 I’m asking creators about their experience with and opinions of Image Comics. Here’s my interview with writer Jim McCann.

Image clearly had a big year. Name one thing you think helped make their 20th anniversary such a success.
Honestly, I think that it is a mixture of the creators who are coming and bringing their own stories. Brian K. Vaughan returning to his creator-owned roots. Ed Brubaker, Grant Morrison… it’s that and, what’s most exciting to me, fans starting to follow creators as opposed to the character they write. Whereas at one point in time fans would follow Batman or Wolverine wherever they showed up regardless of the writer now if you liked Runaways you’re going to read Saga. If you liked FF you’re going to go read Manhattan Projects. If you liked Hawkeye maybe you’ll read Mind the Gap?

What does Image do better than any other publisher?
I’ve worked for three different publishers now: Marvel, Archaia, and now Image. They each have their strengths. At Marvel whose dream isn’t to play in that sandbox? Archaia does amazingly beautiful looking books and books that people wouldn’t necessarily take a chance on. And Image just lets the creators create. That’s why “Experience Creativity” is their slogan.

What Image title should more people be reading?
Revival, Hell Yeah, Secret and Manhattan Projects, Saga and Fatale.

Pitch Mind the Gap to audiences in one sentence.
If you like Twin Peaks and X-Files with a dash of Memento and Kill Bill then you’ll love Mind the Gap.

What do you have coming up?
We actually have a new Image book that will be announced Saturday and it is the return of Janet Lee and I collaborating, but this time at Image.

Favorite thing comics related you did in the last month?
I’m very excited that a trade came out of my own book [Mind the Gap]. I didn’t realize until putting it out how much effort, time, and energy it takes for the people who don’t get enough credit like the designers, the editors, production… all of those people I now absolutely empathize with and I think more people should give them credit as well. It’s not just the people who write and draw; it’s everybody.

Matt O’Keefe is a writer based out of Minneapolis. You can reach him @Matt_OKeefe and check out some of his works and musings at MattWritesStuff.com.


  1. The new Image title by McCann and Lee is:
    Lost Vegas

    Science fiction. Takes place on a gambling spaceship. Those who lose become indentured servants to pay off their debts. It’s a heist story, told in four issues.

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