Rich Faber writes that he’ll be at the show and selling many items (like the print above) to raise money to pay continued expenses for his wife’s cancer treatment:

Now, as for the title of the post, the NYCC is this coming weekend, from February 6-8th, and I will be there. Thanks to the generosity of my colleagues at Kids Love Comics, I will have a table with them at booth #1930, and will be selling all of my various wares, to help raise money for my wife’s medical bills, as well as a lot of other related expenses we’ve been incurring. My hope is to come up with enough to keep things stable for another month or two, and I’m hoping you guys that will be there can help. Below are pics of most of the things I’ll have for sale. I hope you’ll drop by to see me, and maybe pick up a little something. In addition to what I’m showing here, I’ll have 15 years of original comics art for sale, including Green Lantern, Steel, Titans, and many others. I will also probably be doing some character head shot sketches, for those interested. The main goal is to raise money, so I’ll be there for the entire weekend, and try to stay at the table as much as possible, so I am able meet as many of you as I can. Please stop by to say hi. Thanks!


  1. Your kind gift of prints arrived (via Scot Frey) Thank you. What you may have guessed is that I was going back to LA after NyComiccon for surgery, All done and out of hospital yesterday. Now I am “eminently treatable” apparently, so am lucky old geezer. I have weathered the storms of a heart condition,emphysema and now this. So give my best wishes to your wife and a hug for you (again) and will see you soon at another convention. Sincerely Morgan Sheppard.