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NYCC Picture parade Days 2 & 3


Crowds, sunlight and stormtroopers. What more could you want to create that eaux-de-comic-con? More pictures in the jump.

Eric Wight of MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND and THE OC signs at the DC booth. He’ll be drawing a Superman arc for them.

The view up in Artist’s Alley. This picture only begins to give you an idea of how crowded and hot it was.

DC artist Jamal Igle and someone whose name we forgot.

The great Brian Bolland, cover artist extraordinaire.

The great Keith Giffen, whose layout skills have made 52 and now Countdown weekly success stories.

The great Jose Luis Garcia Lopez.

The great Ted McKeever.

From above…STORMTROOPERS and a nice view of the crowd at the peak of Saturday.

Another aeriel view.

…aaaaand another.

The great Rick Veitch and wife Cindy.

The great Andrew MacDonald and Ivan Brandon.

Blurry Wes and Jonathan Craven.

Venture Bros. panel, from left: Stephen Ratazzi, Michael Sinterniklaas, Jackson Publick, Doc Hamner, James Urbaniak

Goofy, much-blogged tattoo.

Dapper Jackson and Doc.

Artists MK Reed, Shannon Crane and Marion Vitus, all of Friends of Lulu.

It’s Kyle Baker!

It’s Steve Niles!

Everyone always asks us what is the difference between San Diego and the New York con. Answer: You do not see this in San Diego.

After party separated at birth: artists Esad Ribic and Elim Mak. And that’s all she wrote.


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