Disney sponsors Kid’s Day, and new guests announced.

New York Comic Con (NYCC) has announced its most recent guest appearances for the 2008 show which will take place at the Jacob K. Javits Center, April 18 – 20. In making the announcement, show officials also note that the Disney Book Group has recently come on board as a sponsor for Kids’ Day, an all-day program on Sunday, April 20 which will focus on events and activities designed to attract and entertain young fans. So far, officials note, Kids’ Day has been greeted with overwhelming support. Kid’s Comic Con 2008 has also recently partnered with New York Comic Con and will announce the winner of their brand new awards program at NYCC as part of the many Kids’ Day activities.

New Featured Guests who have been confirmed for an appearance at NYCC include: Mark Buckingham, famous for his work on Marvelman (Miracleman in the USA), Hellblazer, and Fables; Dale Eaglesham, an illustrator with dozens of DC and Marvel titles to his credit, and who is well-known for the newly re-launched title, Justice Society of America; Ron Garney, who, over the course of his career, has made a name for himself tackling some of the industry’s greatest characters, such as the Incredible Hulk, Silver Surfer and, most notably, Captain America, and who is currently getting rave reviews illustrating Amazing Spiderman with J.M. Stryzynski; and Steve McNiven, who has worked with an impressive array of writers, including Warren Ellis, Brian Bendis, and Mark Millar on titles such as New Avengers and Ultimate Secret.

NYCC is also pleased to announce the first names that will be appearing in the popular Artists Alley at this year’s convention. Talented artists who have agreed to participate include: Matt “Batt” Banning, Buzz, Sean Chen, Aaron Lopresti, and Kevin Maguire.

Previously announced guests at NYCC include Mike Mignola and Alex Ross, both of whom will be Guests of Honor; Featured Guests who have already been announced include Neal Adams, Kyle Baker, Amanda Conner, Dean Haspiel, Robert Napton, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Paola Rivera.

“I am incredibly happy, to say nothing of grateful, to have such a great list of guests to announce for New York Comic Con,” notes Lance Fensterman, Event Director for NYCC. “Things are shaping up extraordinarily well and we will have some more announcements to make about some major guest appearances right after the New Year. Meanwhile, our Kids’ Day programming is really taking off and we’re also thankful to everyone who is partnering with us to make this such a successful initiative. Kids are the future of our industry and it’s terrific to have so many people lining up to make this a sure-fire hit.”

Since its inception 15 years ago, Disney Book Group has amassed a portfolio of best selling authors including many of the most famous writers writing in the children’s genre today, including Eoin Colfer, Jonathan Stroud, Sharon G. Flake, Caroline Kennedy, and Mo Willems, to name a few. As part of their sponsorship at NYCC, the Disney Book Group will have a featured panel on Kids’ Day to highlight some of Disney’s hottest, new upcoming projects. Meanwhile, Kid’s Comic Con 2008 which takes place in the Bronx on March 29, 2008 has just announced that they are launching the first, official Kids’ Comic Con Comics Awards. The finalists will be announced at Kids’ Comic Con on March 29 and the winners will be declared on Kids’ Day at NYCC on April 20, 2008.


  1. Disney may be the tool, but it makes me happy to see that some con is seriously addressing the future of comics with a ‘kid’s day’ that will inevitably make many new york parents happy.

  2. Of course, Comic-Con International: San Diego has had Kids’ Day (Sunday of Comic-Con) for many years now. Kids’ Day programs include hands’ on workshops of many kinds as well as screenings of animated films and interviews with popular kids’-oriented creators.

    Jackie Estrada

  3. I think what we are seeing is a larger recognition (among industry and educators) of what comics can offer young people. Aside from the Kids’ Day at San Diego, we now have Jim and Karen Gownley’s KIDS LOVE COMICS, and KIDS’ COMIC CON. Together or separately I can only hope that kids benefit from it all.

  4. Okay folks,
    It has been pointed out to me that my comment caused some minor confusion. Jim and Karen Gownley are the folks behind the KIDS LOVE COMICS tour and conventions. I am the playful mind/creator behind the KIDS’ COMIC CON. Sorry for the confusion..