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NYCC: Markosia


Markosia is coming to New York with a giant monkey!

This weekend in New York, the second annual New York Comic Con will be occurring – and Markosia will be right there in the middle!

As well as creator signings, artist sketches, portfolio reviews and comic sales, Markosia will also be hosting the LIVE CONTRACT SIGNING for the comic adaptation and ongoing series of KONG: KING OF SKULL ISLAND, the bestselling book by critically acclaimed creator and illustrator Joe DeVito.

KONG: KING OF SKULL ISLAND is the authorized prequel & sequel to the classic King Kong story originally created by Merian C. Cooper. This critically acclaimed novel has gone on to receive the full endorsed by the Merian C. Cooper Estate as a continuation of the Kong and Skull Island legend. With lavish detail throughout the novel, Mr. DeVito has given Kong fans an intriguing background to the early years of Kong and insight to the mystery that surrounds Skull Island and its native people, including what occurred after the events of the original Cooper classic King Kong story.

Joe DeVito and Harry Markos will be at the Markosia booth throughout the Comic Con to discuss the book and show a variety of concept sketches from the upcoming series.

But that’s not all – over the weekend the booth will be overflowing with creators signing and sketching, including :-

Bruce McCorkindale – Artist for THE HERETIC #1 signing all three days

Chuck Satterlee – Writer: Of Bitter Souls, Smoke & Mirror, The Heretic, The Lexian Chronicles signing all three days. Expect an announcement by Markosia this weekend about Chuck and KONG!!!

Joe DeVito – Artist & Creator of Kong: King Of Skull Island signing Saturday

Chris Dibari – Artist: The Hunger & the upcoming Starship Troopers ongoing series, debuting in April – signing and sketching all three days

Freddie E. Williams II – Regular Artist for DC’s ROBIN and artist for Markosia series PROJECT EON, signing and sketching all three days for 1 hour per day

Jose Torres – Writer: The Hunger, signing all three days

Ryan Stegman – Artist, Midnight Kiss, The Lexian Chronicles, signing & sketching up to 1 hr Saturday & Sunday

Brian Augustyn – Editor In Chief: Markosia: signing on Sunday

In addition to this, Markosia will also be hosting the official debut of issue #1 of HERETIC, the adaption of the best-selling novel by Bram Stoker Award Nominated writer Joe Nassise! Both series writer Chuck Satterlee and series artist Bruce McCorkindale will be talking to fans and signing all weekend!

And of course all of Markosia’s excellent titles will be able to be purchased from the booth including OF BITTER SOULS, now optioned for a new television show!

Markosia will be there – and we intend to stay! Come and find us on booth #447 – EVERY DAY OF THE CONVENTION!

  1. My bookstore hosted Joe Devito when the hardcover was published. I have little interest in Kong, but his paintings, his enthusiasm, and a free copy convinced me to read it. Well written, beautifully illustrated, and full of great ideas!

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