Jamie Coville recording a bunch of panels from New York Comic Con and here they are for you listening pleasure:

New York Comic Con 2012 (October 11 – 14) – 126 Photos

Irwin Hasen Spotlight (51:21, 47mb)
On the panel was Irwin Hasen, Al Jaffee, Arnold Roth and Paul Levitz. The panel was moderated by Danny Fingeroth. Al Jaffee and Arnold Roth told funnies stories about Irwin, Paul Levitz talked about
Irwin and Jack Kirby were two golden age artists who knew how to draw a fight and why. Irwin was funny and spoke a lot about his past and didn’t pull any punches about his feelings for former publisher
MC Gaines who died in a boating accident. J. David Spurlock came on the stage briefly to tell stories about Irwin. Along the way Irwin’s book The Playboy was plugged. Note: There is some adult language
spoken on the panel.

Brian Wood & Dark Horse (56:20, 51.5mb)
Interviewed by Dark Horse editor Jeremy Atkins, Brian Wood talks about his new series The Massive as well as his upcoming Star Wars work. He mentioned going to a recent Star Wars convention and how
the diverse fans and their easy going ways had a big impact on him. Brian answers questions from the audience and talks about his other work from Conan, DMZ, the Couriers and more.
He also answers questions on writing and other topics.

Grant Morrison Spotlight (53:21, 48.8mb)
Interviewed by Kim Alexander of Sirius XS, Grant talks about his new creator owned projects called Happy, Multiversity and Annihilator. He answers questions from the audience about superheroes, particularly Superman, Batman and
Jeff Lemire’s run on Animal Man, movie scripts he’s written, Jack Kirby and his ideas, also how he doesn’t turn down work and juggles multiple projects at the same time.

Joe Simon Memorial (57:13, 52.3mb)
On the panel was Emily Groben (Joe Simons Grand Daughter), Jim Simon (Joe’s son), Dave Gibbons, Paul Levitz, and Angelo Torres. The panel was moderated by Steve Saffel. Angelo talked about working with Joe on The Fly and the humor magazine Sick.
Paul Levitz talked about getting to read and having to write a column about Prez #1 that matched the hype DC editors were giving the book. Levitz later talked about how Joe Simon and Will Eisner were two creators from the Golden Age that had
business smarts. Dave Gibbons talked about being a fan of Joe’s and being able to speak to him on the phone during last year’s San Diego Comic Con. Emily, who looked after Joe during the last few years of his life talked about waking him up and
with the news of his collection of Crime stories made the New York Times best seller list. Jim Simon talked about working with Joe and how it could be difficult, but also spoke of how wonderful of a father Joe was. Steve Saffel spoke of how Simon
fought to get Kirby’s name as a creator on the recent Captain America movie (something Marvel was against) and also negotiated to get Kirby’s heirs some money on their shared work that is now being reprinted. Towards the end Mark Waid showed up and
apologized for not making it to the panel on time and talked about meeting Joe Simon.

The Image Comics Experience (57:33, 52.7mb)
A group of male image comic creators were on this panel to talk about their upcoming work and other books being announced. On the panel was Kieron Gillen, Andy Diggle, James Asmus, Jim Festante, Jim McCann and Jonathan Hickman. The panel was moderated by Eric Stephenson. After the announcements they went straight to the audience for questions. Among the things the panelists talked about were breaking into Image,
how to work through when parts of a story when it isn’t working, they broke down how to make a full story into a comic book issue by issue. They also revealed what they read to generate new ideas and
what they are usually doing when ideas come to them.

Garth Ennis & Avatar (44:18, 40.5mb)
Moderated by Avatar owner William Christensen. Announced is an Crossed movie that will be made by Avatar themselves. Garth talked about coming back to write more Crossed and then the answered questions from the audience. He talked a bit about doing more work for Avatar and Dynamite, talked about the Boys, why Preacher is unlikely to migrate to film, his religious views, why he doesn’t love superheroes and what he thinks of their domanance of the comics industry. He also talked about Alan Moore’s work and how it kept him reading comics.

Hellboy in Hell with Mike Mignola (56:32, 51.7mb)
Panelists include Mike Mignola, Scott Allie, James Harren and Tyler Crook. Announcements were made about Mignola coming back to write and draw Hellboy comics. Then they answered questions from the audience, most of which were aimed at
Mignola. Among the topics were more Hellboy movies both live action and animated, the Comics crossing over with other characters, creating monsters, comic and non-comic influences, the benefits of having other artists draw Hellboy.
James and Tyler talked about getting to work on stories that followed up on stuff they enjoyed reading as fans. All of the artists talked about working digitally.

Image Comics – Female Creators (58:16, 53.3mb)
Moderated by Jennifer de Guzman. On the panel was Christine Larsen, Alex de Campi, Amy Reeder, Fiona Staples, Ming Doyle and Jordie Bellaire. They started off telling their origin stories on how they got into comics either
as a fan and/or as a professional. The group talked a lot about women body types and beauty in comics. They also answered questions from the audience about working with male collaborators, gave advise about writing female characters and all plugged works by other
female creators. Note: There is some adult language spoken on the panel.


  1. That’s depressing. Only one woman on the panels not focused explicitly on women. The panels this year felt like a real step backwards from last year.

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