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NYCC: Archie Comics – #1821


Archie Comics was kind enough to send over their schedule for the show:

Stop by the Archie Comics booth #1821 and meet writers Misako Rocks!, Alex Simmons, Paul Castiglia and Barbara Slate and artists Fernando Ruiz, Dan Parent, Joe Staton, Bob Smith, Jim Amash and Tito Pena. They’ll be on hand signing autographs and giving away FREE comics! Plus, for the first time ever you can purchase select Archie Graphic Novels at special convention prices! (While Supplies Last!)

Signing Schedule:
3-4 Paul Castiglia

11-12 Misako Rocks!
12-1 Barbara Slate
1-2 Tito Peña
2-3 Bob Smith
3-4 Joe Staton
4-5 Alex Simmons

11-12 Dan Parent
12-1 Jim Amash
1-2 Fernando Ruiz
2-3 Alex Simmons

Archie Panels include

Archie’s Way: What Can One of America’s Longest Running Comic Book Icons Do For You?
Friday, Hall 1A23 from 12:30 to 1:30
Since 1941 Archie Comics has been most people’s first real reading experience and resulted in a love for these characters lasting generations. With Graphic Novels like Sonic The Hedgehog Archives, Archie Americana Series and its newest launches, not to mention Digest, Double Digests and Comics, this publisher is continuing to break new grounds with readers of all ages. Find out how Archie has been welcomed with open arms by the smartest retailers, librarians and teachers to get reluctant readers reading and build new a consumer base for bookstores and comic shops. Find out what Archie can really do for you!
The panel will consist of:
Janna Morishima – Director, Diamond Kids Group at Diamond Book Distributors, Inc.
Mike Pellerito – Vice President/Managing Editor Archie Comic Publications, Inc.
Fred Mausser – Co-President/ Director of Circulation Archie Comic Publications, Inc.
Alex Simmons – Freelancer writer/ teaching artist and founder of Kids Comic Con
Jack Martin – Youth Services Div, NY Public Library
Nick Purpua – Jim Hanley’s (Director of Operations)

What Are Kids Reading Now?
Sunday Hall 1A17 from 3:00 to 4:00
There’s such a wide selection of graphic novels out there from the serious super hero drama of The Watchmen, to the nostalgic humor of The Best of Archie, to the sober reflections of three different 9/11 chronicles. In fact, there are so many book that many teachers, parents, and comic book lovers can’t quite tell what to buy or borrow. That’s where we come in. Join a panel of teachers, teens, and comic pros as we review and discuss the merits and values of comics’ fertile field of facts an fiction What’s new, old, entertaining, and educational? From the controversial to the comical, we’ll cover it all and have a good time, too!

Kids Costume Contest
Sunday Variant Stage from 3:30 to 4:00
Is your little one dressed up as Superboy, Naruto, or a wee little Captain Kirk? New York Comic Con’s Kids Day welcomes all children at the show to take part in our Official Kids Costume Contest! Simply come by the Variant Stage on Sunday at 3:30 PM to enter. Everyone’s a winner! The NYCC Kids Costume Contest is organized by Cosclips.com and the 2009 World Cosplay Summit Team USA! Mike Pellerito, Archie Comics Vice President/Managing Editor will be at the contest and he will supply packages of graphic novels consisting of ARCHIE’S CAMP TALES, ARCHIE’S GREATEST HITS, LITTLE ARCHIE VOL. 1&2, and SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH as additional for contest winner.

In Artist Ally you can visit…
Andrew Pepoy – table F6
Dan Parent – table F6
Jim Amash – table I16
Joe Staton – table G2
Rich Buckler – table D8

For the first time at any convention, Archie Comics will be selling Graphic Novels
Archie Americana Series: Best of the 60’s Book 2 = $9
Archie Americana Series: Best of the 90’s Book 1 = $9
Katy Keene: Model Behavior = $8
The Archies Greatest Hits #1 = $7
The Adventures of Little Archie Volume 2 = $7
Best of Josie and the Pussycats = $8
Sonic Archives #0 = $5
Katy Keene Swimsuit Illustrated Paper Dolls = $5

Stop by this weekend, we will be glad to see you there!

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