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NYCC 2012 in Tweets and Instagram


Although we had to leave NYCC early because of some personal issues, it wasn’t too hard to follow along with from home! Here’s a brief recap via Twitter and Instagram of the last five days; it was the kind of show where Juanjo Guarnido, award winning artist of the Blacksad franchise, shows up and people take a while to catch on. Despite all the complaints over the emphasis on showbiz stuff, this year’s comics news dominated the show…and twitter.

Dive right in:



  1. I heard NYCC divided the artist alley from the main show floor. How did that work out for Artist Alley? Any reports, anecdotes, or complaints? I’m curious because I need to get off my West Coast behind and plop it down at an East Coast convention next year.

  2. Jimmie, from talking with artists I knew, they had a good show.

    If you read my daily diary posts, you’ll see some photos of the crowds. The aisles were wide (the main center aisle had a sketch car in the middle, and it was still easy to navigate!), the crowd was busy, but it was not difficult to talk with a creator. Lines that I was in moved quickly.

    The room was perfect (if a little remote), and this is probably the best Artists Alley at a major convention.

    More later…

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