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NYCC 2011: Day One: Preview Day


Here are some sneak peeks, taken from my Samsung phone.  Apologies for the resolution.  

Click to enlarge!

Looking South, towards hall 3E.  Marvel booth is seen in the foreground, promoting Superhero Squad!  (And is that 007 in the background?) 

Looking northeast, towards the front of the hall.  Passageway AKA “Great Wall of China” is seen in the distance. 

No one was clever enough to place a billboard or banner on that wall.  

Same side, looking towards the back of the hall.  On the far left, the bright square is the loading dock, leading to the outside!  (Normally, there would be a hologram of a cliff here, tricking all attendees.)  


 Swag bags! 


View from the main entrance, Marvel seen in the background. 


 The view of Professional and Exhibitor registration.  Hall 1E is where the Press are being corralled.   


Offerings to this Elder God will be accepted during normal convention hours.  If offerings are insufficient, virgin sacrifices will be scheduled every hour (now where would they find a virgin in this building?)

A sneak preview of the “New DC 52 Booth”.  Rumor is that there will be a digital VR version debuting at the same time, where fans who cannot visit NYCC can still experience the convention via PSP and Android phones.  Con exclusives for this site will only be available via the Kindle Fire, but they will not ship until November.

Displayed next to the IGn Theater.  25/35 mpg.  A Chevy Sonic.  (No Sega or Archie merchandising?)

  1. Are the black plastic trash bags still up there on the ceiling at Javits? They might be needed this weekend…

    As another non-attendee, I’m looking forward to this site’s usual NYCC coverage.

  2. I saw the barrels up on the Fourth Floor galleria… trash cans, camouflaged with black tablecloths… to muffle the drips. On the floor, I didn’t notice. The roof work is almost finished… the Great Wall is now in Hall 3B, should be gone by next Fall.

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