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NYCC ’14: Still Under Construction


Long time attendees to New York Comic Con have had to tolerate renovations and construction the past few years.

While the Javits Center has completed the renovation (scaled back from an actual expansion due to budget), the 7 train extension is 90% complete, meaning that attendees will either have to hoof it from Times Square or Penn Station, or take a bus or taxi.

The main entrance to 34 St Hudson Yards. located between 33rd and 34th streets, diagonally from the southern corner of Javits. View is to the southwest.

Like downloading an mp3 file, the last few bits on the punchlist remain elusive.  The track is finished and trains can run, as shown when Mayor Bloomberg took a celebratory ride right before leaving office in December 2013.  However, there are two big items remaining:

  1. The inclined elevator
  2. The ventilation fans

Why an inclined elevator?  Because the land along Eleventh Avenue will include a building, and instead of running an elevator straight up (like in Washington Heights), it must angle towards Hudson Park to the east.

The cutaway, showing the depth and need for an inclined elevator.

While construction delays are a given in New York City, at least construction is underway.  (The Q/T line has been under construction for 85 years!)

The good news?  The last section of the High Line has been opened, terminating right across the street from the Javits Center!  Yes, it will be crowded on the weekend, but… that means there will be street vendors right on the corner!  Yes, you’ll have to tap out of the compound and walk a few blocks for affordable food.  (Me, I suggest heading north to 42nd Street.  There’s a 7-Eleven on the corner, as well as a Subway restaurant.)

Of course, given the entire Hudson Yards development, there will be construction in the area for years to come.  (Here’s what’s going over the rail yard.)  Javits does own the block directly south of the center (where the High Line begins) and could easily extend over and under 34th Street (or remove it completely).  Add a tower with meeting rooms and ballrooms above “3F”…


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