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NYAF Photo Parade Part 2


This may have been a con too far for The Beat…we’re too tuckered to post anything, but we will run some photos by you, how does that sound? Although we apologize in advance because our camera settings were screwed up all weekend and all the pictures came out dark. Above: An overview of the hall.

J-pop band Unicorn Table prepares for an interview.

The Yen Press gang. We should know everyone’s name becuase we were out singing karaoke until 2 am with them but…well, maybe that is why we don’t remember.

Samurai in da house!

DOMO is the Ugly-doll-esque mascot for NHK, a Japanese TV station. He’ll soon have his own TV show here. Will stardom follow?

Go! Comi’s Audry Taylor, David Wise and Aimee Major Steinberger, whose JAPAN AI is getting a ton of buzz.

At DRAMA QUEEN, which specializes in “boys love,” they like to dress up.

The Vertical crew. Although still no plans for JUNGLE EMPEREOR LEO, they are bringing out Tezuka’s BLACK JACK next year, and that is the best news we could hear.

There was a big line for the Gaia Online panel. It’s an online roleplaying game, in case you didn’t know.

And they were dancing, and singing–

–and moving to the groove.

Wendy Pini at the Go! Comi booth promoting her MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH webcomic.


More dancing! It was all over the place.

This young woman had dressed as Ed from COWBOY BEBOP. We didn’t know that until we asked, though, and the tone of her reply made it clear that we were clueless. We know that.

Girls in costume whacked each other with swords.

The chalk drawing finishes up.

The crepuscular light of a winter late afternoon gives the Javits a special glow.

CB Cebulski (Marvel), Lillian Diaz-Przybyl (Toykopop) and Brandon Montclare (DC) had an historic meeting.

Jo Chen, one of the finest cover artists around. Her manga The Other Side of the Mirror is coming out from Toykopop.

At Tokyopop, even the editors enjoyed Goth Lolita Day.

Ruwan Jayatilleke, CB Cebulski, Tricia Narwani and Dallas Middaugh announce the Marvel/Del Rey deal.

Dave Roman and Raina Telegemeier talk about writing the X-men a bit.

Aside: The Beat wore our new nerdtastic glasses to the show and THREE PEOPLE DIDN’T RECOGNIZE US! Clark Kent was right!

After the show the PWCW crew went off to a Korean Irish bar where they served beer and hot spicy grilled octopus. Here, Kai-Ming Cha, Ed Chavez and Erin Finnegan rehash the show. Not shown, Calvin Reid and PINKBERRY.

  1. Nice frames Heidi! I just got the EXACT same nerdtastic glasses myself. Suddenly people take my Star Wars references and Lost theories much more seriously. Hmmmmm……

  2. Square frames for squares is what it’s all about.

    Your hair is lighter, too, no?

    I really want to go to at least a few anime cons and photograph them. I think there’s a lot of missed opportunities to capture the energy of these events.

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