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NY Post’s Amazing Fantasy


When you hear the phrase “New York Post” and “Amazing Fantasy” your mind immediately leaps to such topics as the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid’s unwavering support for Dubya or dogged interest in Christie Brinkley’s love life, but like the NY Times, the NY Post can now be officially classified as “Comics-loving” as they will be giving away reprints of Amazing Fantasy #15 in this Thursday’s paper (8/17/06).

Gary Dunaier sent scans of the ad trumpeting the event:

  1. Anyone else think that issue is a strange one to give out for free? Why not the Civil War unmasking of Spider Man or Ultimate Spider Man #1 or an issue of Marvel Adventures? The Ditko art and Stan Lee dialogue are miles away from what someone would find in a contemporary comic unless they’re buying the Masterworks editions so it seems weird someone thought this might attract new readers to comics- perhaps this was more an attempt to spur sales of the paper with lots of morons thinking this issue might be “collectible.”

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