BEA and NYCC showrunner Lance Fensterman responds to Neil Kleid’s latter about holding the show over Passover this year and apologizes for the conflict. Basically these were the only dates available, but we won’t have that problem in ’09.

Needless to say, I’m none too happy about the Passover situation either, so let’s get that out of the way right off the bat – we are really sorry about this and certainly intended no disrespect towards anyone. The unfortunate reality is that these were the dates we were given at the Javits Center. Javits is unlike most places in that the demand for the space far outstrips the availability, so customers, such as NYCC, are left with little to no choice as to what dates we are given. To that point, I’ll announce here first that the show will be moving back to February next year – because we want to be in February? Not really. Quite simply, these are the only dates we can get next year.

February is a bit cheaper for travel, but it also brings up the spectre of a show-stopping blizzard, too. We haven’t even been to New York Comic-Con in April yet, but we already miss it.