For all you stay at homes who are sick and tired of endless San Diego talk, we hope to provide a distraction or two. Like KUTI, a Finnish comics anthology drawn mostly by members of a comics association called Kuti Kuti. You can download all the issues as pdfs. We’ve always found Finnish humor to be equally fatalistic and merry, and so is Kuti. Contributors to the new issue include:

Zven Balslev (DEN), Benjamin Bergman (FIN),
Lilli Gärtner (GER), Roope Eronen (FIN),
Jeffrey Kriksciun (USA), Tiina Lehikoinen (FIN),
Søren Mosdal (DEN), Michael Olivo (USA),
Boris Peeters (NED), Aapo Rapi (FIN),
Martin Romero (ESP), Maria Rostocka (POL),
Kari Sihvonen (FIN), Jari Vaara (FIN),
Brecht Vandenbroucke (BEL),
Emelie Östergren (SWE) & Jacob Ørsted (DEN).

The above it the cover by Kari Sihvonen.