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Not for the easily offended: the art of Jason Karns


Artists Jim Rugg and Benjamin Marra have gone spelunking on the internet and discovered a fellow named Jason Karns, whose art is violent, sexualized, and mind bogglingly lively in that post-Al Feldstein/Mars Attacks/Dario Agento/Herschell Gordon Lewis way. Karns is interviewed at TCJ and here’s his blog — WARNING VERY VERY NSFW — which previews his flagship title: FUKITOR.

WARNING: If you are the kind of person offended by sexualized violence against woman you are not going to like these links.


  1. The underground comix mentality lives again: copious blood ‘n’ gore and sexual abuse, et al. This guy’s layouts seem rather repetitious… but then, a lot of the UG’s weren’t that great in that respect either.

  2. Actually there are so many posts about this comic that is really focused on the satirical content as
    overtly racist and psychological demented. Utter nonsense! There are a number of very sensitive and successful “GORE” graphic novel series that are alive and well that exceed the offensive level of Fukitor.
    ” Stiched” is just one of them.

    I think Fukitor is great ADULT entertainment. Jason uses great composition and panel flow technique.
    Also there is no overly verbose and boring panels and the art style is very good. He does things the old school way which is impressive in this world of digital everything.
    It was designed for pure entertainment and it totally delivers.
    If you are offended……don’t read it!
    Fukitor is a great comic….there is a lot that can be learned here!

    Glenn Garrison for Kyushu Comics~

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