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Not Comics: Hurricane Irene



With a massive hurricane forecast to hit much of the Eastern seaboard this weekend, we here at Stately Beat Manor offer the following information to help our readers survive the coming storm.

1010 WINS reports that:

  • Gasoline, ATMs, and batteries are hard to find in New Jersey.
  • The Metropolitan Transit Authority may suspend service system wide due to possible flooding and extreme winds.
  • The City has ordered that all hospitals, nursing homes, and senior citizen homes in low-lying areas must evacuate by 8 PM Friday.

The National Hurricane Center has updates, warnings, and forecasts here.

The National Weather Service also has local conditions and radar, along with regional warnings.

FEMA also has an excellent site for preparedness.  (They even have  comics for kids!)


For those living in New York City, the following is a helpful site.  Of great concern is the storm surge, the mass of water propelled in front of the storm.  Some may recall Hurrican Gloria of 1985, which followed a similar track.  However, that storm occurred at low tide, while Irene will arrive at a high tide caused by an almost Full Moon.  The surge can destroy large buildings, and can occur before and after the storm has passed.

The city has created a Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder. Residents can also call 311, although that system has delays even during normal times.  A detailed PDF map can be downloaded, which also shows public shelters.

Hurricane brochures and maps in various languages are also available here.

Given the “new normal”, everyone should maintain a “go bag” for emergencies.  From the above brochure:

Copies of your important documents in a waterproof and portable container (insurance cards, photo IDs, proof of address, etc.)
Extra set of car and house keys
Copies of credit/ATM cards and $50-$100 cash in small denominations
Bottled water and nonperishable food such as energy or granola bars
Battery-operated AM/FM radio and extra batteries
Up-to-date medication information and other essential personal items. Keep a list of the medications each member of your household takes, why they take them, and their dosages.
Also include all doctors’ names and phone numbers
First aid kit
Contact and meeting place information for your household and a small regional map
Child care supplies or other special care items

One gallon of drinking water per person per day
Nonperishable, ready-to-eat canned foods and manual can opener
First-aid kit
Battery-operated AM/FM radio and extra batteries
Iodine tablets or one quart of unscented bleach (for disinfecting water ONLY if directed to do so by health officials) and eyedropper (for adding bleach to water)
Personal hygiene items: soap, feminine hygiene products, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.
Phone that does not rely on electricity
Child care supplies or other special care items

I would also recommend keeping a change of clothes packed along with these two bags. With a possible evacuation, evacuees should call family and friends to arrange for shelter and accommodation, so that city shelters are not overwhelmed.

I hope everyone stays safe this weekend.  Please post any updates below.

  1. I was on the extreme western edge of the storm yesterday as Irene tracked past Florida. The eye was 200 miles away and still we experienced winds strong enough to bend trees as if they were stalks of straw. This is a storm to pay attention to. Assume the power will go out. Be happy if it doesn’t. Heed Heidi’s suggestions. Go to the links she has provided. Batten down, be patient, and be safe.

  2. Good advice from Torsten!Heidi — also, don’t forget about your pets!

    Make sure you have food and water for them. They should be wearing their ID tags and have their vaccination records in your go bag.

  3. Update: MTA service will all be suspended beginning at noon tomorrow (Saturday).

    Also, the nyc.gov site jams up sometimes. ny1.com is an alternative.

    We’re about as ready as we can be. Good luck, everyone.

  4. I’ve through Hurricanes; Erin, Opal, Alberto, Georges, Ivan, Dennis, and Gustav.

    I eat storms like Irene for lunch.

    Be safe.

  5. Torsten thanks for posting this — we’re up in Jefferson, Maine waitging for the storm., They’re used to nor’easters and blizzards up here, so everyone is used to emergency preparedness.

    I’ve already had to delay my flight home, but I’m kinda happy to be riding things out in a big house well stocked with supplies.

    Keep safe and dry everyone! I know I’ll be hearing lots of stories when I get back!

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