San Diego Comic-Con has officially sold out of four-day passes for the weekend.

In March.

What recession????

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  1. Wow. POW! BAMM! ZIFF!!! Take that— ‘economic depression’! Glad I got my tix on Sunday at last year’s Con.

    Now cue:

    1)The complaints by hipster EastCoasterati bemoaning the Hollywoodization of this once pure Comics event— all the while trumpeting for “their” NYCC to have the same level of success…

    2)The complaints of the nerdier-than-thou aghast at just how crowded San Diego has become in the last 5, 7, 10, 15 years— conviniently forgetting that THEY were part of the crowding 7, 10, 15, 20 years ago…

  2. The sell-out isn’t that surprising.

    What will be the litmus test will be the kind of presence exhibitors have: big, complex displays or restrained and modest booths?

  3. ed, chip on your shoulder, much? ;)

    and, yes, that is very impressive. I wonder if the whole show will be sold out by game time? :)

  4. michael:

    Nah, just a Beat reader familiar with Heidi’s post-SDCC reports and the comments they engender. Reading through those [archived off to the right] the last couple of years, I’ve noticed certain themes that crop up regularly in them…

    I figured that this CON SELLS OUT 4-DAY PASSES! article would bring out the same songs once again. But aren’t those “it’s called COMIC Con, not Films & TV Con/ why can’t SDCC be as small as when *I* started going”
    complaints a little cliche by now? It’s soooooo ’05! ;-)

  5. They’ve changed the rules so that while tickets can still be refunded, they cannot be transfered, so the scalpers may be out of luck.

  6. nothing would please me more than scalpers being stuck with multiple tickets that they can’t get rid of. Unfortunately, the average person will probably have no idea about this non-transferable rule and then they will be the ones getting screwed over.