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PREVIEW: Dick meets his new best friend in Taylor & Redondo’s NIGHTWING #78

The first issue of the new creative team's run on the series arrives in March.


There are a lot of surefire ways to identify someone as a bad person, but probably the most definitive way is if they’re mean to animals. Sure, some big corporations think it’s cool to make movies in which those people are the ostensible star, casting extremely likeable and talented actors to play them in an attempt to make viewers sympathize or relate to a person who skins puppies in order to make a coat. Here at The Beat, though, we know the most heroic thing a person can do is stand up for an animal in need. Based on DC’s newly-released preview for Nightwing #78, it looks like incoming creative team Tom TaylorBruno RedondoAdriano Lucas, and Wes Abbott are setting up Dick Grayson as the single most heroic character in the DC Universe.

The preview captures all the high-flying action and humor that fans could want out of a Nightwing comic, and introduces the character, along with readers, to a three-legged dog who just may be Dick Grayson’s new best friend. Taylor and Redondo have already given Deadshot a canine companion, the perfectly-named Dogshot, so hopefully this new girl sticks around for a while. Based on their first meeting, might we suggest Bitewing as a name?

As Taylor said back when his run on the series was first announced, “It’s the right time for a charming, entertaining, positive force for good standing with the underrepresented, and pushing back against corruption and greed.” That sounds like a Nightwing that’ll be worth reading.

Check out the six-page preview of Nightwing #78, as well as covers for the issue by Redondo and Skann, below. The issue arrives in stores on Tuesday, March 16th.

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