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Nice art: The X-Men family tree by Joe Stone


A fine infographic chart which, if not for the initiated, still lays out mutant heredity in an elegant way.



  1. And that’s just the mutants! Imagine what it would look like if he started including things like the hero Hank Pym creating the evil robot Ultron using his own brain imprint (neural clone) -> Who then refers to Hank as “Father” -> And openly declares his love for Hank’s Ex-Wife Jan -> Then marries his fellow A.I. Jocasta, also created by Hank and by that logic is his sister. Meanwhile Jocasta is a neural clone of Jan, and Hank slept with her.

    Greek myths wish they were this twisted and Freudian.

    And that’s just one example!

    (Let’s not get into Tony Stark and the Iron Man armor that became sentient, fell in love with him, and abducted him to a deserted tropical island)

  2. ugh im such a nerd i’m gonna go for it
    magneto with his 3 kids scarlet witch, quicksilver and polaris under him and then xorn off to the side & under
    polaris has a blue dotted line to iceman and havok
    magneto has a blue dotted line to rogue
    rogue is next to and blue dot connected to gambit.
    under them are forge, storm and callisto.
    callisto has a line to colossus who has a line to his sister magik. peter also has a blue dotted line to kitty pryde.
    the green line from gambit is going to mr sinister who has a line to his clone miss sinister and to the clone he created madelyne pryor.
    under miss sinister is apocalypse who is connected to archangel and dark beast and wolverine
    under dark beast is good ole regular beast and under wolverine is x23 and daken
    beneath apocalypse is mystique who is attached to azazel with nightcrawler under as their child. mystique is also attached to sabretooth with graydon creed as offspring.
    other side
    charles xavier up top with juggernaut and cassandra nova next to him. The ladies under him are gabrielle haller with their son david haller aka legion under her, moira mactaggert and lilandra.
    next to lilandra and her sister deathbird and her brother d’ken. under deathbird is her daughter deathcry. she is connected to both bishop and vulcan via relationships.
    above vulcan is corsair his father and next to him are his brothers havok and cyclops.
    under cyclops are madelyne pryor and jean grey. and there is a blue dotted line to emma frost.
    under them is stryfe, cable, nate grey and a longer orange line to rachel summers
    cable is blue dot connected to domino and green line connected to deadpool and that is everyone

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