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Nice art: The Dynamite Art of Alex Ross


Dynamite has just announced an art book covering their popular cover artist Alex Ross, and although they didn’t include the entire interior of the book in their PR mailing, they did include a healthy chunk.

Ross’s work was previously the subject of the Chip Kidd-compiled Rough Justice: The DC Comics Sketches of Alex Ross

Alex Ross’ ultra-realistic, painted renditions of iconic superheroes have made him a superstar.  In the vein of acclaimed and fan-favorite Alex Ross books such as Mythologies and Rough Justice, we are proud to present the ultimate collection of Alex Ross art from his extensive collaboration with Dynamite, The Dynamite Art of Alex Ross.  Containing sketches, designs, layouts and pencils, interior work, covers, and a wealth of unpublished art, The Dynamite Art of Alex Ross can be found at comic stores everywhere this coming November!

Collecting all of Alex’s Dynamite covers and interior art in one complete hardcover volume, along with commentary throughout the book by Alex Ross himself, as well as special bonus material, this is a package not to be missed. A must-buy for Alex Ross’ legion of fans!

“For all people who had been interested in my art before but may not have taken a close look at the many projects I’ve served on with Dynamite Entertainment, this book is the perfect collection of all of that work in one,” says legendary artist Alex Ross.  “I’m thrilled to finally have a portfolio-like collection of these images that can stand next to my work with other publishers.”

“Alex Ross’s artwork hit the comics industry like an atom bomb, ushering in a new era of heroic realism,” states Marvels and Kirby: Genesis collaborator Kurt Busiek. “And the shockwaves are still echoing. I’ve been working with Alex for over 20 years now, and new work from him is always a thrill.”

“To say that Alex Ross’ work with Dynamite Entertainment contributed to the success of our company is a HUGE understatement of his importance,” says Dynamite Entertainment President and Publisher Nick Barrucci.  “I am humbled and grateful that Alex has decided to make his home at Dynamite for the past several years.  Wait until you see what we have coming up next!”

  1. I’m afraid I find this stuff unbearably pretentious and creatively inferior to literally any silver or golden age comic book.

  2. Does Goody Rickles know about Old Man Curley?

    Wow! Alex Ross does hit it out of the park! That Green Hornet painting is great, and the Daredevil one with the Ghost Plane is just striking.

  3. Joe S. Walker: That’s ridiculously pretentious. Literally speaking.

    I love GA stories and have collected my share, but there’s some undeniably atrocious and creatively sterile artwork to be found. For all their wonderful covers, the actual art within almost any issue of Fox’s Mystery Men Comics is crude beyond belief and certainly doesn’t compare with Ross’s art.

    You don’t like his work, fine. But your claim is absurd.

  4. You provide a metric for measuring “effort” and I’ll concede the point. For I fail to see how the sort of sweatshop conditions most GA artists worked within allow for the greater creativity you’re according them. They often cranked things out at a rapid clip, and it shows from the frequently unimaginative use of panels on a page to the often sparse backgrounds and sketchy figure renditions.

    Sorry. I love the Golden Age. But there’s way too much evidence of shoddy work from that period to make the sorts of claims you’ve made. Ross may not always be great, but he’s certainly a far cry better than a good deal of the things published during the ’40’s.

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