Okay, some Dark Horse love for the new series RESIDENT ALIEN, one of a number of series premiering in the new DARK HORSE PRESENTS.

The truth is out there, but what if it isn’t as far out there as we think? What if “the truth” was living in your neighborhood? Down the street? Next door?

In this new and intriguing sci-fi saga, writer Peter Hogan (Tom Strong) and artist Steve Parkhouse (The Milkman Murders, The Bojeffries Saga) explore what life is like when “little green men” from space aren’t just objects of speculation, but are secretly living amongst the human race. How will these outsiders adapt to an incognito life on planet Earth? Read Resident Alien and find out!

Set to premiere in the pages of Dark Horse Presents in 2011, Resident Alien is just one more excellent reason to invest in the eighty-page, ad-free anthology’s upcoming relaunch. And that’s just the beginning for Resident Alien. Stay tuned, comics fans!