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Nice Art: Out of Step Arts offers prints by many lovely artists


For some reasons I had this bookmark in my links for a month and just got around to posting it. Out of Step Arts is a small art agency that offers prints and more from artists including Ming Doyle, Nathan Fox, Toby Cypress, Tula Lotay, Liz Suburbia, Andrew McLean and more. When you’re in the mood to just look at a lot of art on tumblr, check out OOSA’s print shop. It’s all affordable.

OOSA will be at SPX this weekend with Ron Wimberly signing, so that’s exciting. They also have a series of Guest Artists as follows, including Beat favorite Jen (Thunder Mountain) Lee. Here’s a schedule

October: Steven Mannion (stevenmannion)

November: Warwick Johnson Cadwell (wj-c)

(The rest of the Wacky Races here.)

December: Sterling Hundley (sterlinghundley)

January: Nicolas Nemiri (nemiri)

February: John Lee (johnleedraws)

March: Jen Lee (repoghost)

April: Chris Brunner (kickstandkids)

May: Dilraj Mann (dilrajmann)

Hours of eyeball pleasing fun. If you poke around the OOSA site you’ll also find a print series called The Masters by the great Nathan Fox, based on his illustrations for an article about the golf tournament. No krakens like on the Geico ad, but still gorgeous.


  1. The head of OoSA, Neil, is a genuinely good guy and an art lover to boot. Perfect for this.

    Good job giving him and his crew a bit of the spotlight.

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