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Nice art: NONPLAYER by Nate Simpson


Continuing on the whole Image Comics kick we’re on, here’s a piece on NONPLAYER by Nate Simpson and why it might be the next NIGHTLY NEWS.

Simpson — not to be confused with Nate Powell or Nate Doyle — is a relative newcomer to comics, but has a long background as a video game designer.

  1. I guess hype comes cheap these days because this is a lot of hype heaped onto some vanity project that probably took three years to draw and will sell 5,000 copies at best.
    Comparing this to Nightly News is absurd: NN had a very original art style that drew from graphic design and added visual elements to illustrate exposition and background story. But more than anything it had a voice and something to say (even if it was awkward). This looks like Darrow on a bad day doing fanfic Fantasy. I can’t see anything groundbreaking in this.
    Since when overworked art is bringing anything new to the plate?

    The Beat, as well as Bleeding Cool, should stop being the mouthpiece for cheap rampant crass marketing from Image.

  2. My apologies… from one Christopher to another, I have to respectfully disagree. Ryan Ottley hyped Nate Simpson’s work on DeviantArt just the other the day. Ryan’s a EXCELLENT draftsman in his own right, so when he said look… I LOOKED. Quite frankly I was blown away. I don’t know how long it took Simpson to complete that first issue. I’d wager, neither do YOU. And if it DID take three years to draw, SO WHAT? The end result [in my opinion] is gorgeous. To make off the cuff cavalier comments focusing on it being derivative of another artist and proclaiming the work as “overworked” is simply lame. Clearly, Simpson’s not your cup of tea. Fine. But it’s obvious the man poured A LOT of effort into those pages and so much talent, that frankly, I’m AMAZED and more than a little envious. I for one, will be watching where this new amazing talent goes…

  3. Christopher Lee-

    //The Beat, as well as Bleeding Cool, should stop being the mouthpiece for cheap rampant crass marketing from Image.//

    I’m curious to know more about what you mean here, and specifically what you imagine transpired behind-the-scenes with respect to NONPLAYER.

  4. Wow, Christopher L., bitter much?

    The minute I saw the preview art for this book, I sent my local comic shop a request for it’s addition to my pull box. Amazing stuff! Intriguing story idea, as well.

  5. Wow. Christopher Lee sounds like a mean spirited, bitter, little man. NonPlayer is what every comic strives to be. An example of brillant visual story telling done with a rich, deep understanding of the media and the chops to not only pull it off, but surpass the expected. Every page is stunning. Taking cheap shots via the internet is too easy and only makes the trolls like Lee look, well, like the sad little turds they are.

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