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Nice art: Mystery Justice League concept art


A concept artist who worked on BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM has posted some Justice League concept art that could be just an afternoon doodle…or something else? It’s definitely a more video-game esque and robust take on the characters. Our guess: something toyetic. Surely someone will be along ion the comments to explain soon.

(32) SomeWhatNerdy:


  1. Hm — I suppose the next level of progression from “Island” to “City” would be “Country” (given that they can’t tell us what state Gotham is in, of course). I’d be interested in seeing a Rocksteady JL game. (Though NTabak’s probably right and this looks to be Injustice, which isn’t Rocksteady.)

    Just now getting around to Arkham Asylum. It’s a great game but I’m not crazy about the art direction and I prefer a slightly less grim-‘n’-gritty Batman.

  2. Wow, these are just terrible. What is with putting Superman’s symbol on his belt when it’s already splashed across his chest. Are there that many people staring at his crotch that they miss the main symbol?

    On the plus side Wonder Woman’s outfit looks pretty Greek-tastic, but what is the thing behind her?

  3. That Batman looks like Arkham Asylum meets Batman Live, which is also how the Batman in the new fighting game looks.

    They all have hover crafts on their feet which is really distracting me, haha.

  4. they r trying too hard for brand recognition, drop the Arkham in the title, Rocksteady presents: Batman. put the developers name out there for the gen public.

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