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Nice Art: La Luz de Jesus Presents Rogue Taxidermy 2012


Coyote Terrarium by Katie Innamorato


The Rogue Taxidermy 2012 Biennial, curated by Robert Marbury, features 24 of the most interesting artists working in taxidermy today. Rogue Taxidermy, a mixed-media art utilizing taxidermy materials, is more closely related to Surrealism than to mainstream taxidermy. The work in this show spans genres and materials to expresses the individual artist’s approach to and love of Natural History and preservation.

The link is probably NSFW and some of the pieces are VERY disturbing. And mesmerizing.

“Dark Dreams from the Horrible Mind of Thing 3” by Mirmy Winn

“Raccoon Head (temporary name)” by Scott Bibus

  1. I wonder how some of these artists might feel if I took their head and replaced their eyes and put big plastic lips on their head.

    Believe me, I love expression but I also think you need to show some respect. I know you would be unhappy if they did this with fido or fluffy and that should tell you something about this “art”.

  2. If you go to the above link there is actually a list of ethical regulations that all members of the MINNESOTA ASSOCIATION OF ROGUE TAXIDERMISTS have implicitly pledged to abide by.

  3. I’ve yet to figure out why people find art made from recycled animal materials “disrespectful” yet the same people don’t have a problem shitting out a hamburger that was once a living sentient being. Alex, ask your leather shoes if they’d be offended by the addition of wax lips LOL.

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