Bits and pieces of scrimshaw from the Green Lantern movie are leaking out, and here are a few nice pieces of concept art, as seen at Splash Page.

One is the Crypts of Oa, where “fallen Green Lanterns are forever remembered.”


And here’s the Guardians’ city, home of the Central Power Battery.

Warners has high hopes for a whole franchise of Green Lantern films, and getting the mythology right is central to that plan.


  1. Hey, look! It’s Krypton! Apparently all alien civilisations at Warner run on crystal (meth)!

    The more I see of this, the less I am interested in seeing the movie.

  2. Sadly, not feeling this movie at all and I’ve been wanting to see a big screen GL flick since I was a kid.

    The costume, battery and now the kryptonesque crystalization of OA?


    Personally, I just may sit this flick out.

  3. Torsten,

    I saw the battery redesign and heard they did it to make it seem more alien. I understand the logic but the visual I saw generated no excitement for me. I just prefer Hal’s sleek, original battery as unalien as it is.

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