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Nice art: FLEX MENTALLO deluxe edition cover by Frank Quitely


Not a hoax, not a dream, not an imaginary story, DC is collecting FLEX MENTALLO: Man of Muscle Mystery in one of those Deluxe Editions that will look nice on your shelf next to other Grant Morrison/Quitely classics like We3 or ALL-STAR SUPERMAN. You’ll recall that FLEX MENTALLO is one of the seminal works in the Morrison oeuvre—many of Morrison’s most important themes found their most cogent articulation here— but a collection was long held in the vault due to past legal problems. But now it’s coming your way in all its glory, and it has an awesome new cover by Quitely. It’s all good.

PS: Why does DC never ever put logos on their promo art? Still wondering.

  1. is it deluxe or is it ultimate or what? what does deluxe mean exactly.

    how much is this going to cost people.

    do you have any reporters there at the beat or what?

  2. Man, I have been waiting so long!! This is one of those comics that change you forever. I’ve only seen it in bits over the years but I’ve just never had the nerve to blow so much $ on ebay for each issue though.

  3. As a rule, I generally dislike covers of collections of old material that feature modern-style colours on the cover. This piece right here, really makes me rethink that rule. That’s beautiful work.

  4. Completely recoloured too, by myself, in close consultation with Frank. We’ve even managed to source quite a bit of the original art, so there’s between a quarter and a third of the whole book that looks much, much better than the original comic as far as the fidelity of the line work is concerned because it’s been scanned and processed much more carefully than it was in 95/96.

  5. Like many, I’m often made uneasy by “improving” the colors of older material with new techniques. I’ll gladly except this case, as everything I’ve heard is positive wrt coloring/remastering. Very much looking forward to it.

  6. The only time I can remember modern recoloring gone wrong is on Jack Kirby’s art. It’s perfect how it is; you don’t need to add shading with coloring techniques!

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