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Nice art: DrFaustusAU's Seuss-tastic Iron Man


DrFaustusAU is (as you might guess) an Australian artist. What you might not guess is his specialty—mash-ups in the style of Dr Seuss. He’s previously gained fame for his adaptation of THE CALL OF CTHULHU in Seuss-style, and a series of Batman postcards. And now he’s turned to Iron Man.

Funny how that “Seuss Blue” makes everything kinda spooky.

  1. The cover of Call of Cthulhu is good but the pages posted on his website are rather bland Dr. Seuss imitations where the artist seems more concerned with copying the style while ignoring the importance of impact and composition.

  2. I just found this a few hours ago myself. Wonderful stuff! I completely disagree with James above.

    The entire (LONG) work is a brilliant pastiche of both Seuss and Lovecraft, with fine writing and excellent art throughout, which perfectly captures the story while lovingly lampooning it. I’m extremely impressed.

  3. (PS – I’m talking specifically about his Call of Cthulhu opus, which he’s almost done completely reworking from his earlier version. It’s amazing and I hope he can get it published somewhere. I’d pay money to have that on my shelf!)

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