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Next Door Neighbor video at Babelgum


The “Next Door Neighbor” webcomics anthology has been running at SMITH Magazine for some time, with contributions from everyone from Harvey Pekar to K. Thor Jensen and back again. Chronicling tales of nightmare neighbors — and we’ve all got one of THOSE — the series is edited by Dean Haspiel. Babelgum, an online video site, now has a nice piece on Haspiel, NDN and the Deep Six Studio up.

We all have a next-door neighbor and a next-door neighbor story. With this realization in mind, comic book artist, Harvey Pekar collaborator and founder of webcomix collective Act-i-vate, Dean Haspiel approached storytelling site SMITH magazine. The result: a yearlong anthology of diverse, shocking and heartfelt true-life webcomix published biweekly by both emerging and celebrated writers and artists. We visit Dean, and contributors Joan Reilly and Joe Infurnari, at their communal workspace deep in industrial Brooklyn and discuss the importance of place and community – real life and virtual.

You’ll have to go to the link to watch the video.


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