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News, notes, and links


§ Not comics, but Mark Evanier has the BEST headline of any on the Tonight Show Disaster: Conan the Defiant

§ Warren Ellis’s Freakangels message board is hosting two “residencies” in which posters can question creators. One is with Paul Duffield, artist of the FREAKANGELS webcomic. The other is with renaissance man Brandon Graham who posted this above piece of amazing art by James Stokoe. Other amazing art in the link.

§ Chris Butcher’s manga survey continues with Tatsumi’s THE PUSHMAN

So then in 2005, after successfully releasing 15 years of art comics, Drawn & Quarterly released their first, and possibly the first, Art-Manga. Yoshihiro Tatsumi’s The Push Man and Other Stories is a collection of short works about everyday life in postwar Japan, and the heartbreaking and often horrifying mundaneness of living. It is “Gekiga,” a close-cousin to manga that came from the same place that the phrase Art Comics must: What if there’s a better way to tell better stories with words and pictures? What if instead of ‘irresponsible pictures’, as is one of the translations of the word manga, what if they made dramatic pictures (gekiga)? What if they strove for realism, maturity, experimentation, seriousness, and to touch the human soul? What if all of this ended up in direct contrast to the popular work of the time, but wasn’t a reaction to the work so much as simply being dissatisfied with artificial borders of the medium? What if manga could also be art?

§ The relations between Andy Kubert’s new cover of prehistoric Batman clad in the pelt of a giant bat and Die Fleidermaus are explored at Comics Allaince.

  1. Psst… “Fledermaus”. (flay-der-mouse) = bat
    “Fliedermaus” (flee-der-mouse) = lilac mouse (pink kryptonite + batman?)
    Fleidermaus (fly-der-mouse) = ???

    Curiously, there are some interesting Batman parallels in the Strauss opera.

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