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News notes: a tombstone for Shel Dorf; digital kiddie Spawn; more


Today’s trip into the news bag:

§ The organizers of the Detroit Fanfare/Shel Dorf Awards write to say that fundraising efforts are underway to raise at least $2,200 to give Dorf a gravestone. Dorf, generally credited as being the organizing force behind the people who put on the first San Diego Comic-Con, died in 2009 but a grave marker has not yet been purchased for him. In addition, Dorf is a native son of Detroit whose Detroit Triple Fan Fare ran from 1968 to the ’80s and is considered one of the earliest comic-cons.

A group of comic book fans attempted to carry the torch lit by the original Detroit Triple Fan Fare and founded the Detroit Fanfare in 2010. During the 2012 Detroit Fanfare, the colleagues attempted to raise money for the purchase of a gravestone to commemorate the man who created an American subculture.
The founders of the new Detroit Fanfare have a goal of raising at least $2,200 for the gravestone in honor of Shel Dorf. This would allow for the purchase of a gravestone which would equal the size of the markers on Dorf’s parent’s graves. Any money raised in excess of the goal will allow the organizers to purchase a larger monument which would be worthy of the convention founder.
The Shel Dorf Awards are held each year at Detroit Fanfare and were named after the comic book icon. The nominees and winners of these awards are voted on by comic book fans and honor the top comic book creators, publishers and storylines. Donations to the Shel Dorf Memorial Fund are being accepted by the organizers of the awards ceremony are accepting donations. Anyone interested in donating, or learning more, should contact Jill Smethers atInfo@sheldorfawards.com. A tribute video about the superhero behind the convention subculture can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxNrNdAC78o.

§ The webcomic A Lesson Is Learned but the Damage Is Irreversible has returned after a five-year hiatus. Creators David Hellman and Dale Beran are happy with the response but it’s not clear if there be regular updates again or not.

¶ The Phoenix Comicon will be held in May and it’s ramping up with some guest announcements, including Mike Mignola, Neal Adams, and J. Michael Straczynski—the latter appearing as part of a Babylon 5 20th Anniversary Celebration. The convention grew to 32,000 attendees in 2012 from 24,000 in 2011, so like many regional show, thinks are on the upswing. You can book hotels and so on now. Info on Facebook and the dedicated site.

Sam Humphries‘ SACRIFICE, with art by Dalton Rose, is coming back in January with issues 4 throgh 6, which will ship monthly, we’re promised.

“The whole SACRIFICE team has been working hard this year to allow us to return to SACRIFICE without additional delays,” said co-creator Humphries. “Issue 4 is ready to go to the printer, issue 5 is completely drawn, and Dalton is hard at work on issue 6. We’re well within schedule to ship the final issue in March. The book is looking better than ever — we thank our awesome retailers and devoted readers for their patience!”

Created by ULTIMATES and OUR LOVE IS REAL writer Sam Humphries and rising star Dalton Rose, SACRIFICE is a full-color, six-issue limited series about Hector, a native of the 21st century who is forced to survive during the brutal Aztec Empire. The book features color by Pete Toms, lettering by Troy Peteri, production by Phil Smith, art direction by Dylan Todd, and is edited by Alejandro Arbona (CASANOVA, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN).

Excessive demand, strong retailer support, fervent reader response, and critical acclaim for SACRIFICE has led to three consecutive advance sell-outs for all three previous issues. As Hector hurtles towards the inevitable doom of the Aztec Empire, the three final issues will complete the saga, shipping on January 16, February 20, and March 20 in 2013. 

IF we’re here to read it!

¶ Titan is collecting all of the Judge Dredd stories written by Garth Ennis, including collaborations with Steve Dillon. It’s a good, sturdy run worthy of any Dredd-fan…

¶ The kid-friendly Spawn series THE ADVENTURES OF SPAWN is available once more from comiXology. Two 48-page issues of THE ADVENTURES OF SPAWN, as well as a collection of both issues with bonus material that never appeared in print, are on sale now. The stories are written by Jon Goff, with art by Khary Randolph, and some pin–ups by Greg Capullo and various.

Kid-friendly in the colorful, action-packed style of Saturday morning cartoons, THE ADVENTURES OF SPAWN was originally a webcomic on Spawn.com and was collected into print trade paperbacks in 2007 and 2008. Filled with pulse-pounding battles, betrayal and revenge, and the clash between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness, THE ADVENTURES OF SPAWN is the title for parents to share their love of SPAWN with their children — and for them to sneak a moment of fun-filled adventure, too.

”It’s fun is to see if your characters can fit into different settings, genres, mediums and/or formats – as a means to get your idea in front of more new eyes,” said McFarlane. “Unlike the regular title, this one is truly built around the word, ‘adventure.’ It’s a world of Spawn unlike any of the others I’ve populated.”


  1. A gravestone in honor of Shel Dorf seems a very worthy project to me. I’d love to see this same treatment happen in Canada for the late Capt. George Henderson of the Toronto Triple Fan Fare and his Memory Lane shop.

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