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News and Notes: George Wunder, Judd Apatow


• Hermes Press is going to publish an archival reprint of George Wunder’s Terry and the Pirates. Although not as good or well-known as Milton Caniff, Wunder drew the strip for 27 years or so after creator Caniff’s departure to draw Steve Canyon, so there is a lot to reprint. Personally, I found something hypnotic about Wunder’s clean, bold, yet somehow stereotypical work. Anyway, this will be a must have around here. The book comes out in May and Hermes will release it in a deluxe hardcover format, 9 x 12 inches, landscape format, which includes the daily and Sunday strips (reproduced in full color).

• That DJANGO UNCHAINED miniseries movie prequel will now be six issues instead of however long it was announced at. R.M. Guéra and Jason Latour adapt Quentin Tarantino’s screenplay.

• Next year’s Maine Comics Arts Festival will be held Sunday, May 19th in Portland, ME and the first guest has been announced: Jeff Smith. Good start.

• A trailer has been released for the THINK TANK collection. The comic by Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal, concerns a supersmart government worker who tries to retire for abetter life.

• Another small publisher — Pulp 2.0. They’re drumming up some interest in Graham Nolan’s MONSTER ISLAND.

If you like monsters, desert islands, aliens and action-adventure, then you’re going to love GRAHAM NOLAN’S MONSTER ISLAND. This is a graphic novel for all ages. Tons of fun from the guy who co-created BANE, and drawn REX MORGAN M.D, THE PHANTOM, BATMAN, THE PROWLER and many other comics we all know and love. 

It’s available at Createspace and Amazon.

• Dept. of Wacky. Someone has launched a site called NewMutants98 which covers just that single issue and why it shouldn’t be priced at hundreds of benjamins even though it’s Deadpoool’s first appearance.

We assure you, we have no copies to sell – though we probably had 5 to 10 copies of it back in 1991, more about that later – and we’re not here to bash Deadpool, Rob Liefeld, or Marvel. Our mutant mission is pretty pure and simple, to ask, “Is New Mutants 98 such a scarce back issue, that it should really command hundreds of dollars on eBay? It’s that rare?!” Well…we think, “No.”

• Somehow we forgot that Dark Horse will be publishing a collection of Faith Erin Hicks’ ADVENTURES OF SUPERHERO GIRL and that’s really super swell. The book goes on sale in February and everyone who has complained about sexism at superhero publishers should buy a copy and give it to a girl of their acquaintance.

• LA’s 1988 Gallery has a show up inspired by the work of Judd Apatow and the art can now be viewed and purchased online. Lots of Run Burgundy, Superbad and Freaks and Geeks…but no George Simmons?


  1. >> everyone who has complained about sexism at superhero publishers should buy a copy and give it to a girl of their acquaintance.>>

    How sexist!

    Everyone should buy a copy and keep it! If they want to give it to someone else, male or female, they’ll need a spare, because it’s really good stuff.

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